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Bees and Pollination

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Gabrielle Cordova Gabrielle Cordova 770 Points

What makes bees pollinating on flowers so important for our ecosystem. What will happen if bees were to ever go extinct?

Deven Malik Deven 30 Points

Bees are crucial for our ecosystem due to their role in pollination. When bees visit flowers to collect nectar and pollen, they inadvertently transfer pollen grains from the male parts of flowers to the female parts, enabling fertilization and seed production. This process has several significant impacts.If bees were to go extinct, the consequences would be severe.

Lennart Winter Lennart Winter 240 Points

Albert Einstein is said to have said in 1949: 'Once the bee disappears from the earth, humans will have only four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more people. '(Quote Albert Einstein, 1949).

And I would support Devens answer. But I was also thinking about of all the other insects, that are important for our ecosystems and biodiversity, who are not bees. I think it would not be that fast, like Einstein said, but when we destroy habitat for bees, we simultaneously destroy habitats for other pollinating insects. So we cannot only kill bees. If we are looking to alternatives I see big potential in robots working on fruit orchards, but that is only usable in the agriculture and not in the nature.

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