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Kaity Cook Kaity Cook 190 Points

Hello! I am a preservice teacher about to enter internship, the thought of project based learning and allowing my future studnets is wonderful. I am a proponant of hands on learning and I think allowing studnets to learn through (Guided) self-discovery is a great way to engage and promote joy in the science classroom. However, I do think it will be a struggle for me to remain... nuetral? Uninfluential? I'm unsure of the word I want to use, but I would love for my studnets ideas to be focus of the experiment. How can I assess their understanding and progress without leading them in any particular direction. How to navigate when studnets then ask how theyre doing? Do I simply tell them 'I see where youre going, and I like your thinking' or can I be more direct? 


I suppose that each situation will be different, but I would really like to allow my future studnets the opportuinity to embark on self-discovery.. I just need to work on my self control. Any suggestions?

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