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Fun, affordable ideas for Family Science Night

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Natalie Van Amstel Natalie Van Amstel 1165 Points

I came across a blog of a woman who is the head of her middle school science department, and helps her middle school students host a "Family Science Night" for the lower elementary school grades (pre-k- 3rd), which I think is a really great idea! She has each of her middle school students present a stimulating event in science that provides some hands on experiment experience for everyone! Her ideas include vinegar and baking soda chemical reactions, making ooze, using construction skills to create foil boats that hold pennies and competing to see whose boat is most buoyant while holding the most pennies, life science with worms- finding which environment they like most, and more! Here is a link to her blog:

Sandra Barnard Sandra Barnard 685 Points

I think that is a great idea. I am a finishing my teaching degree and the school I'm at is planning a family STEM night. I think its a great way for parents to get involved and see what their children are learning.

Tina La Tina La 1740 Points

Thank you for sharing this! Great and easy to do resource.

Tori Pinkston Tori Pinkston 995 Points

Thank you for sharing! This is such a fun idea and will also get these older students to get involved and maybe even seeing if they would consider becoming teachers one day! Having students teach other students also really has them develop a deeper understanding of the subject. It would also be a great way to get the older students involved in research in order to find or make a lesson to teach! I've included a link showing some more ideas that would be great for a family science night! :)

Brandon Ishikata Brandon Ishikata 330 Points

Thanks for posting this! I think it is an awesome idea. In my science methods course for my teaching credential program, we learned that students learn a lot when other students teach the subject. I think this would foster a great relationship between elementary and middle school students!

Meredith Miller Meredith Miller 250 Points

I really love this idea! I think we are getting farther away from these kinds of things in a classroom. I think doing this, and even bringing things back such as science fairs are important and imperative to growing exploration and learning within a classroom!

Rebecca Wade Rebecca Wade 2645 Points

Thank you so much for sharing this, what an amazing resource! I think it is so important to involve families, what a great idea!!

Kayla Bauman Kayla Bauman 190 Points

I love this idea! Not only does this get the older students interacting with the younger students, but they are also getting to share science together. I think having the middle school students hosting this event allows them to have confidence in their science and being able to show off what they know. I know the elementary students will love getting to do what the older kids do, and getting their families involved will be great with taking science into their homes. 

Bianca Mike Bianca Mike 475 Points

This sounds like a great idea. I keep hearing that more and more schools are starting to ignore science and they don't see it as a priority in the elementary schools. What a great way to embrace science and get the students and their families involved. It's also a great bonding experience for the parents and students.

Crystal Umali Crystal Umali 430 Points

This is an awesome idea. Thank you for sharing. Personally, growing up I did not have many opportunities to participate in Family (educational) Nights. The Balloon Bottle experiment looks especially fun. I think students and their parents would have a great time learning together with these hands- on activities.

Georgina Garcia Georgina 535 Points

Thanks for posting this wonderful idea!  The notion of older kids showing the younger ones how to do fun hands-on activities is delightful.  In my opinion, it is a learning experience for all involved.  And the fact that it's called "Family Science Night" is awesome because it hopefully draws parents into the school, and involves them in their child's education even more.  I would definitely try to incorporate an idea such as this in my future science teaching experiences!

Raneem Kilani Raneem Kilani 545 Points

Thank you for the great idea and the blog link. great hands on/safe science experiments for elementary age students. I will be suggesting a family science night at my son's school. I'm sure they would love the idea. Some of the experiments in the blog I already tried with my son at home, and he loved it. Hands on activities always stimulate kids' thinking and get the concept stick in their brain. 

Ana Rosell ANA ROSELL 3730 Points

I loved reading this blog post! It is such a great idea to have "Family Science Nights". I feel like science is a subject that scares many young children, but in my opinion, it is the subject in which students can have the most fun and learn at the same time. I would love to try out some of the activities mentioned, like the Balloon Bottle experiment. I have already tried the ooze experiment with some of the students in ym class and they all loved it! I also feel that getting parents involved would be beneficial to both the student and the parent. For one, the parent may be able to see how their children is learning science, and involving the parents excites the students and motivates them to do better.

Danielle Baker Danielle Baker 315 Points

I loved these ideas! they are definitely affordable too. What I noticed about these experiments was that it was all hands on and fun for children who are in the primary grades. For parents to be able to see the end product of what their child was working on is awesome too because it shows that they learned how to construct the project and could probably tell their parents how to do it again for at home activities. 

Anna Wilkinson Anna Wilkinson 1070 Points

This is so awesome and I love the idea. I want to use this in my future classroom. Thanks for posting.

Cynthia Garza Cynthia Garza 1860 Points

My elementary school recently had a STEM night and it was such a great experience! The students and their families had such a great time learning at all the different stations/activities. Thank you for sharing this resource, I hope to integrate it into next years STEM night.  

Lauren Price Lauren Price 470 Points

Thank you for sharing! I think this is a great way to get kids excited about science. I love how this has the students involved in teaching one another. Students like to be apart of something and involved in their school!

Thanks so much for sharing! I really love this ideas and hope to use it in my classroom in the future. Jessica :)

Brianna Gage Brianna Gage 600 Points

Thank you for the amazing resource! I think this is a great and easy way to get everyone involved! 

Hailey Nouis Hailey Nouis 1255 Points

Such a great post! I look forward to using these activities in my classroom!

Maxine Dibert Maxine Dibert 1355 Points

Awesome, thanks for these ideas! In our after school program we did a bridge building activity, using tape, paper,straws, index cards, and string (all at a cost.) Kids enjoyed trying to build the strongest bridge to hold a cup of pennies. Just another activity to add to science night.

Wendy Goldfein Wendy Goldfein 2335 Points

We did a guest blog called "Blueprint for a STEM Night" for the site "Virginia is for Teachers" There are lots of ideas and resources for a family event listed in the blog. Hope that this is helpful for some of you. Wendy www.Get Caught (More idea filled STEM and engineering blogs on our own website too...Enjoy!)

Amanda Zaragoza Amanda Zaragoza 895 Points

These are great ideas! I love all the fun hands on learning, I really think children and parents will have a great time learning science together. I cant wait to be able to implement some of these ideas in the future. Thanks for sharing!

Victoria Huynh Victoria Huynh 540 Points

Thank you so much for this wonderful resource! It is great way to get students involved to share their scientific knowledge with the younger grades.

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