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Eric Martinez Eric Martinez 2425 Points

What are some science websites that elementary students can learn concepts through games?

Charla Cook Charla Cook 625 Points

My favorite is brainpop. The kids love the quiz and games at the end of each lesson. I've used it as a whole group tool and individual learning tool.

Tiffany Wynn Tiffany Wynn 10 Points

This is actually my fifth year teaching and third year teaching elementary school.  One major website that I found to be most helpful in teaching especially science is My students absolutely love this website.  You have the option to choose from any relevant topic and use several different hands-on activities as necessary within the site.  Students do not need to sign up, so there's no hassle with passwords and logins, and the site is FREE and accessible from home.  The company is constantly updating the sites with new games, so I think you'll find the site to be most appropriate for your students. is also a very good site to use.  Though it is not as hands-on as the site mentioned above, it is a complimentary teaching tool.  Still students are able to access this site from home and also use it at their own pace.  I used this site too with my students.

Zaida Serrato Zaida Serrato 1770 Points

I don't know if you have heard of education galaxy but I recently came across this and thought it was pretty cool. I also use brainpop as well.My students love this. Hope its not too late for this help but I just came across your post.

Eric Roth Eric Roth 3375 Points

Definitely check out the PhET SIMULATIONS

Amanda Byrum Amanda Byrum 780 Points

Probably my favorite forum post so far! Thanks for all of the awesome suggestions!

Zoe Fritz Zoe Fritz 620 Points

Hi Eric,

Im not sure what grade level you are aiming for or if there is a certain topic you wanted but here are a couple of different websites that you could use that fit a couple different age groups.

Younger elementary students:

Older elementary students:

Hope these are helpful!

Jocelyn Saavedra Jocelyn Saavedra 1100 Points

These are some of the websites that I like to use for science with many interactive games:

Yolanda Garza Yolanda Garza 190 Points

Hi Eric, One of the best website that I have researched and found are useful is BrainPOP. BrainPop is a great way to learn concepts in a fun way because not only can you play them videos and quiz them afterwards, students really love them! One website that I reccomend is This website gives you access to a variety of different science websites which may be useful depending on the topic you are teaching. Hope this helps! Yolanda Garza

Arllyn Hernandez Arllyn Hernandez 290 Points

Hi Eric, I'm a preservice teacher and here are a couple of amazing websites that I've seen be used in my field experiences classrooms in the last few year. BrainPOP: This website has a variety of games, videos, and activities for all of the science topics. This website includes activities for grades K-12. These activities can be done in whole groups, small groups, or individually. Starchild: This website focuses on astronomy, but it can be used in the classroom and at home. This website provides educators with a variety of games that can be used to teach astronomy. The website also provides online activities that students can complete at home. Discovery Kids: This website does not have lesson plans for educators, but it does have interactive games that correlate with science topics. Students can play these games after a lesson has been taught. This can help students review the information they were just taught while playing a fun, interactive game.

Jonelle Renti Cruz Jonelle Renti Cruz 615 Points

Hi Eric. I read another post similar to yours, and the website that was offered was It has great videos and lesson ideas in it. There are also links to websites that have science games.

Linda Ngo Linda Ngo 2775 Points

The link is very helpful. It would help students learn more about science and memorize what they learn

Zana Horne Zana Horne 120 Points

Love this website;especially all the lesson ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Molina Walters Molina Walters 1215 Points

Hello, Check out Adaptive Curriculum ( These are simulations that teach science content. There is a fee attached. I have used it with students at the middle school and college level. All my students have loved it but most importantly they have learned from it.

Melissa Alvarado Melissa Alvarado 2170 Points

Hello! How often does the fee have to be paid? Also, how would you feel about using the simulations with elementary aged students? Do you think it could work, or at least for fifth graders? Thank you in advance !

Zaida Serrato Zaida Serrato 1770 Points

I have to say that I love to use stemscopes,, and new kids. I hope any of these help you out. Sometime I also use study island as well.

Michael Massad Michael Massad 3120 Points

I've accumulated many sites this last year and put them on our 5th grade website. Many of these sites would be useful for multiple grades. We make heavy use of StudyJams and BrainPop videos.

Kristi Heathwaite Kristi Gonzalez 2265 Points

I love using and

Samantha Coyle Samantha Coyle 2245 Points

Here are some websites that have some science based games, though some are loosely connected I feel. bbc for kids I hope there are some that are useful for you!

Kimberly McNorton Kimberly McNorton 845 Points

Thank you for all the new sites to help me teach science. I love going on here to find fresh ideas and sites to explore.

Debbie Pentecost Deborah Pentecost 6238 Points

I have used pHET for upper elementary, Concord Consortium, BBC bitesize

Liz Braun Liz Braun 340 Points

Brainpop is amazing! But so is because it has several interactive games for every grade level! Also, is a great resource for teachers and students to research current news about science. I hope this can help.

Ryan Dillard Ryan Dillard 210 Points

I have found great success using PBS kids science activities they do a good job of making learning fun for students here is the link:

Nicolette McWatters Nicolette Chetta 775 Points

Thank you for sharing this link! It looks like something the students in my CT's classroom would really enjoy!

Emmalee Toland Emmalee Toland 160 Points

I have used BrainPop in the past and I really enjoy the website!!

Zana Horne Zana Horne 120 Points

Are there any recommended educational websites that have games geared towards recycling/staying green?

Sarah Benton Feitlinger Sarah Benton 1775 Points

I agree with others about brainpop etc. You might also try Edheads- and NASA Kid's Club and Science Games at

Shelby Thomas Shelby Thomas 845 Points

These websites do look useful. Thanks

Rebeca Corona Rebeca Corona 3010 Points

I think a really fun website you could use with your students to get them into wanting to learn about science is . This website is a site that has various websites inside that you could click and use with your students. Out of all the websites shown there my favorite on is . Like you said you wanted games for them to play, this website c ontains educational games, activities and videos.

Tiffany Barnes Tiffany Barnes 240 Points

Hello, I really like this website that I found. It has many different websites that would go with anything that you are currently teaching or grade you are teaching. I definitely would use these during centers if you have computers in the classroom. Enjoy, Tiffany Barnes

Jennifer Clark Jennifer Clark 425 Points

This is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this resource. I bookmarked this and already see some websites I can bring into my classroom. 

Kimberly Thompson Kimberly Thompson 1290 Points

I agree with BrainPop. I love that it is very student centered and there are many activities available and so many subjects and topics to choose from. I love that is still popular because we used to use it when I was in school!

NIcole Motley Nicole Motley 365 Points

By far the best site for children and science is PBS kids. I took my 1st graders on a scavenger/nature walk and I wanted to talk to them about what do people do in nature. I used this video during my engage. They loved it. Video: PBS Kids also has tons of extensions for lesson plans

Rachel Ryan Rachel Ryan 820 Points

Thank you everyone for all of these wonderful resources. I cannot wait to use them in my classroom. 

Naomi Baldridge Naomi Baldridge 1060 Points

I will have to check out these links. Thanks! I have been looking for more online resources I can incorporate during my lesson as a way to engage students or reinforce information. 

George Mehler George Mehler 1575 Points

Hey Eric, I have been creating a YouTube channel called FunScienceDemos for teachers, students, and/or parents. This has hundreds of video demonstrations that can be used in the classroom or out. They cover a variety of topics and are all NGSS aligned. We regularly add new video demonstrations and gladly take suggestions for new ideas. Check it out and subscribe to our channel. Best, Dr. George Mehler Ed.D., Temple University

Maxine Dibert Maxine Dibert 1355 Points

What a wealth of ideas...thanks everyone! I think also having the Hasbro board game Mouse Trap in your classroom is also an affordable and old school way to include science. 

Marci Ward Marci Ward 6165 Points

One of my favorite's is  but I am really hooked on Mystery Science.  I think I found out that one from someone from the NEMTA Facebook site.  It is a really great site.  At the moment it is for 2nd-5th grade teachers.  You should check it out.  Next year it is going to cost to use it. Marci

Luz Arevalo Luz Arevalo 505 Points

I recently found this amazing website called Science Kids: . That teaches science through interactive games. It reinforces and engages the student. I suggest using the website after you teach a particular lesson, such as living and non-living things. Not only is there games for the students but they also have some lessons, quizzes, and experiment activities you can use to provide an inquiry based learning. I enjoyed this site and can't wait to use it with my own students one day! Enjoy and good luck!

Chris Brantner Chris Brantner 20 Points

Here's a good one for triple beam balances:

Corina Garcia Corina Garcia 505 Points

If you haven't tried Kahoot, you can test it out yourself -
It's free!

Sarah Benton Feitlinger Sarah Benton 1775 Points

I know I've posted in this thread before, but since have compiled a list with some other science types of over 70 great science websites. Some have games. You'll find it on my blog here:

Mercedes Hernandez Mercedes Hernandez 1230 Points

I look forward to referencing the different sites you all mentioned. Thank you! I am going to love this website.

LESLIE ALFONSO Leslie Alfonso 2105 Points

These resources look very helpful, thank you for sharing. I agree that brainpop is great for teaching concepts in a manner where students understand better. I look forward to working with these useful websites in the future. Thanks!

Amy Harwell Amy Harwell 715 Points

Thank you for the great suggestions! 4th grade really enjoys brainpop, it is a great website to engage students at the beginning of a lesson.

Julie Lim Julie Lim 555 Points

I have few websites that can help students to understand multiple concepts like animals, space, earth, energy, bones, and more. These websites will help you with some of the online and offline activities. The last website is for some fun activities to do in class with different concepts of science. It will be great to use some of these websites!

Rachel Webber Dr. Universe 255 Points

These are great! Thanks, Julie. I run the Q&A website We have demos, stories, and videos, but have also been thinking about adding some games in the future. I would love to hear more about what kinds of online games you introduce to your students or that your students like to use!

Are they playing online games independently? Any websites out there that facilitate team games? Are there any good sites out there that let them make their own games?


Caitlin Quinn Caitlin Quinn 3305 Points

WOW! So many awesome tools and websites that I need to jot down and keep record of for my future classroom! I'm always looking for fun, educational websites for my future classroom because I know that in this day in age technology is taking over! The websites I always enjoy using with my students and have seen them have a great response to them are brainpop/brainpop jr, pbs kids, and bbc kids. My students always get excited when they see these websites come up because they know in they're in for a treat. Does anyone have any tips on how they split their science time with their students to teaching, working on hands on activities, and using computers in the classroom? It seems tricky to be able to allow time for everything and so far I haven't seen anything that looks too successful to me...any suggestions?

Esther Feldbaum Esther Feldbaum 160 Points

This is one amazing post! I use many of these, but have now added so many to my repertoire! Thank you!

Abby Lowman Abby Lowman 715 Points

- This one is a great one. Also, my colleagues incorporate a lot of Brainpop into lessons.

Rachel Harmon Rachel Harmon 255 Points is awesome. The videos provide a lot of educational content. I found a bunch of great videos from the EPA and others, this one was really good Even gives kids some ways to get involved. Really cool. has tons of games! Not all of them seem to be educational, but lots of options. Seems like it's best fit for younger elementary but might have some invention games that would be alright for upper elementary.

Kelly Davila Kelly Davila 860 Points

I also agree that is really good for students and they seem to enjoy it as well as brain pop.


I am really glad I found this post! A lot of these educational websites are new to me so I will definitely be trying these out with my students! I also really like that a lot of these are interactives, which is something students love. My Kindergarteners like trying new things, especially when they are able to participate. Thank you for all the links and websites!

Daisy Hinojosa Daisy Hinojosa 1020 Points

For lunar phases i was able to use these sites to engage the students

Anum Khoja Anum Khoja 1130 Points

I love working with brainpop in the classroom, the students are engaged within it and learn lots from it.

Lori Takiguchi Lori Takiguchi 613 Points

This is such a great thread! Thank you for all the recommendations. I also love to use brainpop.

This is good sight for all content areas and ages:

Carly Liggett Carly Liggett 240 Points

I'm a preservice teacher and I've really enjoyed reading the posts from this thread. Lots of great ideas and resources! This is not necessarily a game, but something I saw in a third grade classroom was the use of youtube to show videos of astronauts in space. The astronauts explained and demonstrated how they do day-to-day hygiene routines such as brushing their teeth, or washing their hair, while in space. The students were very engaged and excited about this component of the space lesson, as they could easily relate to their own morning routines. I thought it was a great introduction to discussing the components of gravity.

Paige Norbeck Paige Norbeck 95 Points

Hi Eric! I am a preservice teacher at the University of Arkansas and a website I would highly suggest is I observed a lesson taught using this website in a 4th grade classroom during my observation last year. There is so much information on so many different topics. It is very interactive and from what I observed of this site, the students enjoyed it.

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