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Alexandra Jaramillo Alexandra Jaramillo 270 Points

Hello Everyone,

I will be graduating next Spring as an Elementary Teacher. I am new to teaching science and I was hoping I would get some tips on how to help students stay enagaged on the lessons or lessons that can help the students fully understand the material using hands on activities. If anybody has any advice, that would be great! Thank you. 

Janie Alvarez Janie Alvarez 333 Points

As a future teacher myself I have heard what is best is to ensure that all students are involved and have things going on for example some students might become agitated waiting to use some of the materials making the lesson kind of pointless so stations are a big help. 

San Juana De La Cuz San Juana De La Cuz 730 Points

At the beginning of the lesson I suggest to have a Warm Up, as in questions to make the students think and have them intrested in the lesson. This will keep them engaged in the lesson and wanting to learn and know what is the lesson about. Lesson that involve doing experiments are the lessons that have more hands on activites and are a great way fro students to understnad the material. 

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