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Bill Kuhl Bill Kuhl 2190 Points

I have been corresponding with a teacher in a rural area in India. He just received a package of science project items I sent; model solar car kits, foam glider kits, and mousetrap car kits. The kids look so happy in the attached photo but other photos of the kids they appear so happy too. It makes one wonder if most kids in the US have too much, actually the kids in India have way to little in the rural areas. I built and launched water rockets with kids in local summer camp today, they did enjoy it but not the same fascination as the kids in India.


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Zachary Johnson Zachary Johnson 1075 Points

Wow this is really awesome! I would enjoy doing something like this with my future classroom, but I really don't know how to get started. How did you come into contact with the teacher in India, and how long does it take to communicate back in forth typically?

Patty McGinnis Patricia McGinnis 25635 Points

Hi Bill, I would be interested in knowing how you achieved your partnership with the India schools. I just visited a couple of schools in Kenya and the kids had very little but were very appreciative of the opportunity to learn. I would like to involve my students in some sort of outreach if possible (I have middle school). Any ideas would be greatly welcome!

Bill Kuhl Bill Kuhl 2190 Points

Darcy Whyte who sells the model airplane the Squirrel gave the teacher in India Dinkar Narwade my email address because of my science projects. " target="_blank">Darcy's Website There are organizations you can go through, you could email Dinkar Dinkar Narwade [[email protected]] Bill

Sandy Gady Sandy Gady 43175 Points

Congratulations yet again Bill. You always seem to find a way to reach students no matter where they are. I wonder what they would have thought about toothbrush robots? Patty, you just inspired me to wonder if it would be possible for each of my Design and Engineering classes to “adopt” a classroom somewhere in the world that is less fortunate to send materials to and then correspond with either as we do the project or afterwards. It could be a unique “pen pal” type of idea with a whole lot of potential. I am only beginning to imagine the possible links we could make to other content areas that could be incorporated into the project as a natural extension.

Pamela Dupre Pamela Dupre 92369 Points

Sandy, a natural extension to this could be a design project where teams in both countries use the same materials to create something that solves a real world problem. I'm thinking removal of plastics in the ocean, or clean drinking water. If the movie about Apollo 13 was accurate, the astronauts on Earth gathered the same materials available to the astronauts onboard the command module to fabricate short term solutions to repair the carbon dioxide removal system so the crew could get home safely. 

Bill Kuhl Bill Kuhl 2190 Points

From what I have seen and talking to a hobby shop owner friend, people in India seem to have the most interest in model airplanes and solar energy. Last week I sent a used radio control airplane so I hope it makes it the trip safely. On website connections, in the past year I have had 100,000 unique people look at my website. I wish it was more but I have a good start. I appreciate the suport on NSTA Learning Center. Bill Kuhl

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