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Friction & Cars - 4th grade

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Stephanie Chavez Stephanie Chavez 575 Points

For the past several weeks, I've taught my 4th grade students all about friction, the engineering design and used cars as their prototype. My students love to use technology, especially their chrome books. Throughout my planning for these lessons I found it hard to come up with ways for them to use this technology. Does anyone have ideas or websites safe for students to use and learn more about friction? This would help me the next time around when teaching this same topic. Thanks in advance! 

Shelby Rhodes Shelby Rhodes 815 Points

Hello! I was interested in finding out your question for myself since I am working on getting my 4/5 generalist. Through research I found a great safe and educational website created by a teacher regarding 4th grade force and motion. This website provides many educational tools for teachers to review and use when introducing these topics and it provides educational, hands-on learning activities in the classroom and for students to use on their own devices (e.g. rollercoaster engineering game). The website is Another resource is and it provides students with a variety of interactive games regarding force and motion. These games allow students to put their creative skills and knowledge to work in creating rollercoasters and building simple machines through the use of technology.

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