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Natalie Smith Natalie Smith 230 Points

Moving forward, after we make it past the global pandemic, do you think students will be more likely to take online courses?

Kelsey Funkhouser Kelsey Funkhouser 765 Points

I personally think after this pandemic is over students will be more likely to take in person classes. I think this because everyone needs to have social interactions and communication with other people, that is what I believe makes school so fun and it helps all all connect together. I also think that some students may feel more comfortable with taking an online course if needed, which is nice because it gives students a varity of options to choose from. I really am hoping though to be able to teach my future students in about a year in a half in person, so we can all really get to know each other!

Mary Potter Mary Potter 290 Points

I do believe that online classes will be more available and more abundant after this pandemic has slown down. I believe this because there will still be many people weary of going back into in-person classes and offering most, if not all, classes online will help these people not wanting to yet go back into an in-person setting.

My question would be, would there be enough professors/educators willing to teach the online courses.

Madalyne Felton Madalyne Felton 745 Points

I agree, I believe that there will be more online classes available for middle school and high school after the pandemic has slown down. However, I think that most elementary schools will resume in-person classes due to the fact that many parents will have to go back to work and students can't stay home by themselves. I think online classes will only be used if the weather forces schools to cancel. 

I also wonder how many teachers would be willing to teach online. Another question I have is, would colleges create classes for education majors to take that teaches you how to effectly teach online?

Katelyn Hansen Katelyn Hansen 745 Points

I personally think that there will be a increased need of in person teachers. Even though right now, we are in a pandemic and we can't all teach in person, families that need school to work, and provide for their families are struggling. I think there will be more options for students to take online classrooms or be in normal school depending on age. But, even students are struggling. School allows for social, emotional, and physical breaks from normalcy at home. Students miss face to face interaction with friends and teachers at school. I doubt that many students and parents will advocate for online teaching year round.

Susana Castillo Susana Castillo 360 Points

Personally, I thought online classes are okay. However, having all my classes online this semester can be a struggle. I understand right now, we are in a middle of a panedmic, but hopefully sometime in the future we go back to normal. I have noticed that a lot public schools are offering online classes this year. Parents or students decided either they want to go back in-person or online. I know that the school's district that I went to were offering both in-person and online. Personally, I feel like the more online classes that are being offer, the less the students will learn. I feel this way because as a future teacher, I want to teach them in-person, get to know them, know where they're struggling. Teaching in-person is beneficial for both the teacher and the students because we are able to do hand-ons activities, face-to-face interactions with peers/teachers, etc. At the end of the day, parents and students do have the right to decide if they want take online or in-person. I feel like most students and parents are feeling more towards in-person teaching. 

Katie Andrews Katie Andrews 380 Points

Along with most of the other replies, I think that there will be more online classes but I also think that people will value in person education a lot more. For me personally, I learn most effectively in the classroom and I think it is that way for a lot of people. I am hopeful that this will encourage children to love school when they are there and make the best of it, work well with others, and optimize their learning. However, I do think that there are some classes (at the higher level of education) that could just be online. I think it is crucial for elementary to continue in person classes when this is all done and leave the online learning for days when they can't attend school because of the weather, etc. I think this pandemic and doing school online is forcing those who aren't comfortable with technology to work with it, which will be beneficial because then you have more resources to use. I also wonder, how many teachers would be willing to teach online or do both. I know it is a lot of work for teachers that are doing both right now. I am hopeful that when I am done with school and teaching it will all be back to in person.

Madeline Henderson Madeline Henderson 190 Points

Without an end in sight for the pandemic, online learning will likely be a new way to participate in school. It is convenient because it can be accessed anywhere, but not all students have the same materials. It is good for students to maintain relationships and communicate with peers, which can only be done in person. Virtually learning has its pros and cons, so hybrid lessons seem best right now. 

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