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Seeking Ideas for a "Career Development" Game

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Randy Russell Randy Russell 620 Points

I am looking for examples of 'career development' games. By that I mean games that allow players/students to simulate a career path journey through life, learning about career options in a specific field (such as medicine, or whatever) and making choices that influence their success in such a career. If you know of any examples of such games, I'd appreciate if you would mention the title or a web link to any such games. I don't even care much whether you think a particular game is good; I'm just looking for ideas and examples of game mechanics in this genre. The old Hasbro 'Game of Life' is a generic example of the sort of game I'm seeking. My hope is to develop a game about careers in the aerospace industry. Thanks!

Randy Russell Randy Russell 620 Points

Followup, here's what I've found so far (in case this is useful to others):

  • CV - tabletop game, mostly cards, circa 2013
  • The Pursuit of Happiness - tabletop game, circa 2015
  • The Sims 4: Get to Work expansion pack includes options for a career as a Doctor or Scientist (I think I saw something about an option to be an astronaut in some version of The Sims as well)
  • GoVenture Products has a bunch of simulations and games (mostly computer-based, but not all) on various economics and career topics; interviewing, running a business, etc.
  • Pay Day (1975) another old general board game
  • Careers (1955) and Careers for Girls (1990)

Chloe Zierke Chloe Zierke 735 Points

Hello Randy, 

A great program we used to stimulate career development when I was a student was JA Biztown. JA Biztown is not necessarily a game but more of a hands-on simulation where students get to work in groups to operate their own business in Biztown.  

When I was in upper elementary school we used a program called JA Biztown to simulate career development. This experience was not necessarily a “game” but was one of the most memorable real-life connected experiences I had in elementary. JA Biztown allowed me as a student to apply for jobs, get “interviewed” by members of our community, create the business, and then end up running the actual business for the day at Biztown. Before we got to run the business, we spent a unit preparing ourselves by engaging in a variety of career skills. For my experience, I got chosen to be the CEO of the heating and cooling company and got to complete “real life” responsibilities such as creating a slogan and commercial, deciding prices, signing checks, and completing paperwork for the business. We even got to watch some classmates run for mayor and get elected. This unit was hands-on, engaging, collaborative, and became a prominent memory from my elementary years. I would recommend looking into this program and using it or adapting it to your classroom needs. 

I hope this helps, 

Chloe Zierke



Randy Russell Randy Russell 620 Points

Thanks, Chloe... I was able to find JA Biztown online... it looks like a great reference for the simulation-game I'm hoping to create. Thanks for the tip!

Berldn Levi Berldn Levi 40 Points

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Hody Jones Hody Jones 30 Points

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Lauren Cramer Lauren Cramer 2025 Points

I know this is an older post but why not make your own game? You can take a sample survey from students to determine their interests. It may take some work but my first thought was to maybe replace the spots on a game board like Monopoloy with something related to careers or replace with career characteristics, almost like Guess Who?

Estrell Mamonese Estrell Mamonese 240 Points

I really loved and love playing games. It’s just that tastes have changed a little now. It all comes down to money. I recently received a bonus, it was all here if you are interested. In general, I like to go into NFS and drive a little while listening to awesome in-game music. Agree, she is their top. I think this is just the perfect option. There are also all sorts of city builders, which are also good games.

Carole Mohr Carole Mohr 10 Points

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