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Samantha Passantino Samantha Passantino 160 Points

I'm looking for some new science ideas/experiments I can use as "in and out of the classroom" type activities? I want to incorporate family discussions and after school involvement about science by having the students either take home science concepts and learning activities or having them start new ones at home... maybe bringing in examples to share with the class. What are some good start up ideas for this kind of learning?!

Arsema Ghirmai Arsema Ghirmai 1485 Points

Hello! I think the concept of taking science home, and having families involved is an excellent way to foster students love for science! One idea I think might be great, that students of all ages would enjoy is making bird feeders. I think that's a great way to bring in life science as well as the natural, environment factor. You can make it a tiered learning instruction, as the grades progress. Keep up the great work!

Alisa Kunhavijit Alisa Kunhavijit 2600 Points

Hi Samantha, I think science at home is a great way to show kids the connection of science to the real world. They are able to see science happening outside of the classroom, which can encourage them to start exploring on their own. A great way to get kids doing science at home is starting off with something easy as taking different objects and seeing how well they float in water. It is an easy concept to connect to from school to home and the students and parents can do this together. Then the students can create a little report on what they learned and which items floated best and which ones did not. Another great experiment to do at home is working with food. Kids love hands-on activities and of course food is something all kids would love to work with. One great activity would be making ice cream. You could connect that to temperature in the classroom and have them go experiment with temperature at home by making their own ice cream, which would involve the parents, and have them bring in pictures of their creations! I hope this helps :) Best, Alisa Kunhavijit

George Mehler George Mehler 1575 Points

Hi Samantha, I am a professor of science methods at Temple University and I have been creating a YouTube channel which has hundreds of free science demonstrations for young learners. The videos are all common core aligned and the videos range in topic. Check it out and subscribe to our channel, I think you may find what you are looking for. Best, Dr. George Mehler Ed.D., Temple University

Jody Grandier jody grandier 1600 Points

I love the idea of having science included in the classroom and outside the classroom. My daughter just started 1st grade and when I ask her what she learned or did in school the answer is always the same " I don't remember". I want to be so much more involved but between school, work, and being a single parent I just cant and to top the cake they don't want parents in the classroom volunteering or observing. I think by sending items or topics home I could involved and a get a better feel for what she is learning and doing. I am very busy so I don't want anything sent home that I would not be able to do or that would take longer then I have to offer but I love this idea. I am curious as a future teacher that really wants to include parents: how do you know what is enough and what is too much? How do you incorporate the family that wants to do the activities but either does not have the time or skills? I have learned all parents love and want the best for their children just some show or do things different then others. I would never want to make any parents feel less important or not good if they cant do something!!!!

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