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Raymond Jones Raymond Jones 740 Points

Hello, I am a new Fourth Grade teacher. My class just wrapped up a weather unit. I was pondering about a weather project. I am not quite sure what direction to go. I was thinking about dividing my class up into groups and assigning them to different regions of the United States. I was thinking to have them forecast the weather of their assigned regions and give a weather report. I am still trying to work out the details of this. Can anyone give me some details to making this work?

Cris DeWolf Cris DeWolf 11965 Points

Have you considered using iMovie (or other video-producing software) to make videos of their forecasts that can be shared with the class? I do something like this in my astronomy class where the students produce a space weather forecast video.

Laud Gaba Laud Gaba 1090 Points

I did a weather tic-tac-toe project with my class last year and students used different products to convey their understanding of weather. They had the options of completing the following... posters, diagrams, writing songs, poetry, constructing a collage, writing a short paragraph, doing a PowerPoint or audio story etc. as parts of their project. The quality of each project artifact was defined in a project rubric. A brief presentation of their project before their peers was also done. Most of my kids and parents loved the project. I remember on the day that projects were due, proud students and parents pointed out the highlights of their work. For some kids it was their first major project and some panicked of course. But essentially they got through it, even the ones who were so uncomfortable about talking before their peers. I can never forget that....Hope this helps!!

David Gillam David Gillam 1165 Points

When you have the students create their weather report it is important that they understand the the relationship between climate and weather. Living in Anchorage, AK., our normal for this time of year say that we should be in the low 20's during the day and the teens or even lower at night, with signifcantly more snow coverage. We have had an unusally warm early winter so the weather reports has been very different than what we would notmallly have.

Raymond Jones Raymond Jones 740 Points

I agree with your statement. I will have my students to talk about their regions normal climate versus their local weather forecast so that everyone can make that distinction. Thanks for the insightful suggestion.

Stacia Brown Stacia Brown 560 Points

Raymond, The students at my school create a weather forecast. They have to produce a multimedia model to share with their forecast. They get all dressed up and present their 5 day forecast to the class. Stacia

Raymond Jones Raymond Jones 740 Points

Thanks for the inquiring on my forecast post. I will incorporate your suggestion. After I assign groups of students to different regions of the country, I will have students to provide a five day forecast for their assigned regions. I will probably need assistance with the multimedia aspect from our media specialist.

Brenda Hornaday Brenda Hornaday 770 Points

Hi, Raymond! My school has BTN and we do a broadcast every morning. We have students report the weather daily. I do like the idea of a project and working in groups. This would also be a great time for them to do a pod cast, learn Prezi or a different presentation form to incorporate technology.

Jennifer Sieracki Jennifer Sieracki 3995 Points

You can perhaps have them broadcast a weather report using a green screen (there are apps, or you can just use a green piece of fabric). They can record this and/or share on your school news or with other classes! It would even be great if they could share with a local weather reporter for comments or questions! Using iMovie:

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