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Jesus Gutierrez Jesus Gutierrez 285 Points

As of right now, I do not often go outside. I am not only avoiding disease, but also this summer's heat. I like the outdoors but lately, I am not getting enough fresh air or direct sunlight so there are days where I find myself feeling a little bit sick or sluggish. I do exercise daily and make sure to hydrate properly. My question is if someone has any recommendations that I can add to my routine like taking certain vitamins or what to eat/drink that could help me balance my current indoors lifestyle.

Md. Hossian Md. Hossian 183 Points

Since you have most time stay in your house due to hot environment. you have shortage of vitamin D.So,you have eat D related fruites. And allowes do Exersice in you home.& try to refresh by study books.

Landon Buckridge Landon Buckridge 695 Points


This is a great question and first and foremost you need to get some vitamin D. Cheese, egg yolks, orange juice, and fatty fish. I know what you are going through as Iowa winters can sometimes be harsh and you get that same feeling being stuck indoors in the stuffy air. Make sure that you open your windows so that you can get some sunlight as this can also help your mental state. You can go on Amazon and buy UV lamps that have been shown to help with vitamin D and also helping with sleep issues as well. And like Lariliss said simple exercise can help tremendously, but you do need to diversify your workout. There are a lot of videos on YouTube or you can purchase a BeachBody account to get a multitude of home workout videos that you can pick and choose which you like best and they are traditionally three month programs but can sometimes be one to two months long.

Great question!

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