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Julissa Ramos Julissa Ramos 765 Points

Hi. My name is Julissa. I am a student at FIU and majoring in elementary education. I was recently presented to the concept of a 5E lesson plan format. I’ve reasearched through the collections and articles on this website and found lots of useful information. Although, I would like to read about how others have incorporated this style in a classroom and what kind of reactions have come from the students. If anyone has experience with different ages/grade and what’s the similiarities and differences.

Jannet Garnica Jannet Garnica 780 Points

Hi Julissa, My name is Jannet and I am currently a student teacher. This is my first year learning about the 5E lesson plan. One of our assignments in Science Methods was to create a 5E lesson plan and teach it. Although it may seem a little complicated to create, the students learn and enjoy lessons with this type of format. Students love to explore the materials without knowing they are figuring out the concept on their own. This website provides many different 5E lessons you can do in your own classroom. Overall the 5E lesson plan beats the basic lecture and answer questions at the end of the lecture format.

Sophia Vincent Sophia Vincent 190 Points

Hi Jannet! I am a preservice teacher and will be teaching my first 5E lesson plan for my Teaching Science course this semester. Is this lesson plan model effective for ELLs as well? Do you have any suggesstions for using this lesson plan model when working with ELLs? Thank you! 

Hina Anwar Hina Anwar 345 Points

Hi Julissa, I was introduced to the 5E lesson plan during my pre-teaching semester. I have not used it until this semester. I feel like this type of lesson plan is best used for science lessons. It allows the students to take ownership of their learning because it allows them to explore the topics before the teacher explains it to them. This allows children to make their own observations as well as make their own inferences. Also, the kids love being able to explore.

Aleena Naqvi Aleena Naqvi 370 Points

Hi Julissa! I personally love the 5E lesson plan format. It is very inquiry based and I like how my lessons flow when I use it. A 5E is perfect for science because science is a subject that naturally is very inquiry based, therefore it works out perfectly.

Taylor Luu Taylor Luu 365 Points

Hello Julissa! At first, I was intimidated of the 5E lesson plan because it was not what I was used to, but once I started playing around with it, it made planning a science lesson so much easier for me! Everything just flowed more effortlessly and each step had a meaning and purpose behind it. Personally I loved the creativity that goes into engagement and also how the students could investigate on their own in the Explore stage.

Jay Miller Jay Miller 2210 Points

The 5E lesson plan lends itself well to inquiry lessons. There are natural places within the lesson itself that students can experiment and explore. The 5E lesson plan is very collaborative and like was posted above, every piece of it has a purpose. As long as that purpose is kept in mind when planning, it turns into a free flowing, effective lesson.

Amalia Gomez Amalia Gomez 1135 Points

Hi Julissa, the 5E lesson can be incorporated in science and math lessons. I am a student teacher and when I was doing my observations, I noticed that the students liked the lessons since they have the opportunity to explore with the manipulatives or materials. Is interesting to see how students figured out the concept or solved the math problem on their own. This type of lesson allows students to be engaged the whole lesson since it's a hands-on activity.

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