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Richard Clapso Richard Clapso 410 Points

Most of us in this section are either on the verge of being teachers, or new teachers. We are the generation of technology, as it has been with us for as long as we can remember. Even though it has its downsides, nobody can say that technology doesn't have it's advantages. What I'm asking is how will you incorporate technology into your everyday science lessons?

Neville Beckford Neville Beckford 2155 Points

Education nowadays and technology are inseparable. I personally find that using technology i can expose different points of view to my students and a wide range of methods to accomplish activities. Technology provides a level of self sufficiency for students, I use every opportunity to allow students to use technology. During the use I move through the class regularly and i really get good results. I have used video in conjunction with work sheets where I would pause the video at appropriate sections to clarify and discuss points. These sessions generally have very high participation, I hear and treat more misconceptions than in regular classes.

Betty Paulsell Betty Paulsell 48560 Points

Smart phone have all kinds of free apps that are great to use in science classes. If you teach upper grades most students have phones or can share phones.

Cris DeWolf Cris DeWolf 11965 Points

MasteryScan is a great app for creating standards-based formative (or summative) assessments and having your students take them on an iPad. Socrative is another that you can use for formative assessments. Stellarium is a planetarium app that I use with students to show the cycle of lunar phases, and more. The list is endless. Nothing takes the place of authentic inquiry based investigations, but in the case of observing the night sky over an entire lunar month - there are no clouds, tree, or other obstructions that challenge student participation on an app like Stellarium.

Amanda Roman Amanda Roman 1250 Points

Technology and education go hand in hand. Especially nowadays, where we are surrounded by so much new technology. I believe incorporating technology into the classroom is great. It not only provides teachers with great resources to use in her classroom but it also gives students the opportunity to learn concepts in a different way. In my future classroom, I will definitely use technology. I am currently taking a science education class and I have learned so much about how to teach science. Although experiments and lessons on inquiry are great for students, I do feel that technology can help in science as well. There are so many online resources that teachers can use. In my classroom, I plan on implementing educational videos on science concepts I will be teaching. There are also websites that students can complete interactive activities. I would also implement allowing students to research information on a topic we are learning about. Using technology in my classroom will not only provide an alternative way for my students to learn but it will also help them to learn how to use technology, use online resources, and navigate through science related websites.

Destiny Huggins Destiny Huggins 10040 Points

One way that I have used technology in the classroom is through digital science labs. This is a great tool to use especially if you can not get into the Science lab or do not have all the materials to physically do the lab. Student are using technology in all sorts of ways in reading and math, so why not in science. I used the digital labs from the Fusion textbook that is new this year, but I know there are other resources out there that I would love to try. What I liked about the digital lab the students did was that it was reasonably easy to complete and they were still responsible for predicting, testing and recording data. IN the end I was able to print off their lab reports. As with all technology though, I would suggest to do a few test runs first and be sure to go over the lab with the students prior.

Kayla SanMartin Kayla SanMartin 395 Points

I would like to use the computer lab on a weekly basis for the purpose of assigning research projects to my students. I think research fosters independence and allows students to discover for themselves. I also hope to have a smartboard in my future classroom and use it to engage students during my lessons such as by having interactive and attention grabbing PowerPoint's as well as showing educational science videos and movies.

Daniel Carroll Daniel Carroll 18595 Points

Maybe easier for physics. We use ipods as accelerometers and cameras to take video for video analysis. The technolgy available as probeware from vernier, pasco, and I am sure others, is fantastic and really gives students the same mesuring ability that they would have in ny college or even professional lab. It doesnt matter what you grew up with... Henry Ford grew up with a horse...

BRITTANY CAMPBELL Brittany Campbell 2050 Points

Nowadays most schools have computers in their classroom. So it would be useful to use them during science by having them do research or experiments from websites.

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