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My New Short Story: I Swallowed a Martian

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Andrew Fraknoi Andrew Fraknoi 310 Points

I am a retired astronomer who tries to be helpful in these pages.  I thought you might be intererested to know that "Flash Fiction" magazine in England recently published my very short science-fiction story entitled "I Swallowed a Martian":

Any resonance you might find in the story with the pandemic times we are living through is unlikely to be coincidental.

Andrew Fraknoi

Emeritus Chair for Astronomy, Foothill College

Brittney Booker Brittney Booker 353 Points

Hi Andrew. I am a college student on my way to becoming an elementary teacher. I absolutely love that you are a retired astronomer and have a desire to help others to become more knowledgeable. Congratulations on your story being published. I took the time to read it and I thought it was great. I could see a short story like yours being easily used in the classroom. It included some advanced words that would provide great opportunities for higher learning and further explorartion. Thanks so much for sharing!

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