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Shelby Lloyd Shelby Lloyd 1990 Points

While interning in a classroom, how do you make sure the children not just listen to their normal teacher but listen to me. The students listen to the teacher very well when she is teaching but as I am teaching the students seem to get antsy and want to get off of topic. 

Pamela Dupre Pamela Dupre 92369 Points

Part of the issue is that students have to be engaged. Make sure you illicit students' responses and ideas as much as possible. Keep your speaking part as brief as possible. Research classrrom engagement in Explore All Resources in the Learning Center.

Gabe Kraljevic Gabe Kraljevic 4564 Points

Hello Shelby,

If you go into the classroom prepared, confident and create a presence by talking surely and decisively, students will see you as a teacher instead of a guest.  Plan your transitions from one activity to another - idle time is where students will lose focus.  Keeping the lesson moving along will also keep the students busy.

Hope this helps,


Alayna Treadway Alayna Treadway 1050 Points

Hi! I am currently a student teacher and struggle with this as well. I make sure I go into the classroom with confidence and I take initiative. I make sure I speak up and jump into working with the kids. I feel that when they notice you doing things just like their teacher, they see you more like a teacher and give you more respect. I also discipline as the teacher does. If students are talking or off task during a lesson, I respond as the teacher would. Also, I do not like raising my voice, but I always make sure I am assertive when necessary. They need to take you seriously, just like they do their actual teacher.

Beatrice Taylor Beatrice Taylor 3896 Points

Shelby, I know you posted this earlier in the semester.  How is it working for you now?  Have you tried some of the above suggestions, and do you see any results? Let me know......Dr. Taylor

Blake Miller Blake Miller 1795 Points

I think it is important to let students know what you are there for and that you mean business when working in any classroom. From day one, demand respect from students (while also showing them respect). It can be hard because you want the students to really like you, but it is something that is necessary. Something that I have seen with at least one student in every one of my field experiences is that if you give a student an inch, they will take a mile. This is something to keep in mind. This being said, classroom management can be very hard when stepping into another teacher's classroom. I hope you got it figured out!

Katie Freewalt Katie Freewalt 895 Points

As an interning teacher myself, I have also found this similar issue when beginning in a new classroom. I have found more success with getting respect from the students when I discipline the same way as my cooperating teacher would (if you are allowed). When students get a whiff of the fact that you aren't going to discipline as hard as the other teachers in the building, you will be respected less. I also try to do my best to mimmick the cooperating teacher. I have found when I use the same key words and phrases, and act a certain way around the students that they are used to, they see you as another teacher in the room. 

Morganne Sweat Morganne Sweat 1195 Points

Hi! I am studying Elementary Education in college and as I have been in the classroom, I have also noticed this. I think going into the classroom with confidence and a plan are very important as well as doing similar things that the main teacher does so that you don't throw the students off too much. You should treat them as their teacher would and they will start to respect you. I also believe it just takes time and the students will get used to you and know you better after a couple of classes. 


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