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Zohar Badenhausen Zohar Badenhausen 3150 Points

Help! I have just recently begun exploring the NSTA Learning Center Website, and there is so much here, I don't know what to do first. Where do I begin? I'm an elementary teacher, teaching science and math to fourth-grade students. How can I make the best use of this website and my NSTA membership? All suggestions and ideas are welcome.

Betty Paulsell Betty Paulsell 48560 Points

Yes, the Learning Center can be a bit overwhelming at first because of its many, many resources. The way I first started was by going to the Advanced Search on the Home Page. It is on the left side about halfway down. Choose a science subject that you feel that you need resources to teach. Then put the topic in the topic space and select parameters. I would suggest keeping your parameters general in nature at first except maybe grade level. You will get a lot of resources on your topic, some of which are free because of your membership in NSTA and some of which cost money. Scan the resources and choose one to start out with that you would like to read. Add it to your Library which is under My PD Tools at the top of any page of the Learning Center. Then go to your library to read the resource. Feel free to send me a Private Message if I can be of anymore help.

Carolyn Mohr Carolyn Mohr 91561 Points

Hi Zohar,
Yes, the LC will be a great resource for you this year! If you provide a bit more information, other thread readers can help you with your search for various lesson plans and other resources. For example, what unit will you be preparing for next?
Betsy's idea to use the advanced search tab is a great one. You can filter your advanced search to elementary level resources. You can also filter by type of learning resource. For example, you could change it in the pop-up menu to look for lesson plans instead of 'all resources'. I also think Tina's ideas of watching the archived webinar will be extremely helpful. Then don't be afraid to click on the 'Live Support ONLINE' tab to ask your questions to a real person in real time. The online advisors love receiving 'calls'.

Ryan Crim Ryan Crim 390 Points

Carolyn, your post was of great help to me! I had been trying to locate how to access the advanced search function. It is not labeled "Advanced Search," so I thought I had been looking in the wrong place!

Susanne Hokkanen Susanne Hokkanen 79520 Points

I love the webseminars, and when I first starting teaching science, the webseminars helped lead me into the other resources I could or wanted to use in my teaching. I would also recommend exploring the Science Objects. Science Objects are free, and the presentation/teaching ideas used in each module might help inspire ideas on how to introduce or teach a topic to your students. Finally, I encourage you to "drive right in" and start exploring. The more you use and "move around" inside the NSTA Learning Center, the easier it will get to "find your way." And as Carolyn pointed out, if you get lost, contact Online Live Support. Online advisors are available and eager to help you find your way around. Welcome and enjoy!! The NSTA, specifically the NSTA Learning Center has been a tremendous help in my teaching.

Olu Banmeke Olukayode Banmeke 23633 Points

Hi Zohar, I'll suggest you start with "My PD Indexer" it will give an idea of where to focus on in terms of content knowledge. You can also listen to the archived web seminar titled "Give Yourself Credit" it gives you ideas on how to make the most of this resourceful website. Cheers!

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