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LaToya Pugh LaToya Pugh 6670 Points

Hello All!

I am looking for science teaching exemplar videos.  Actual videos of teachers teachings so that a group of teachers can watch the video and have a discussion about best practices viewed, culture of the classroom, student discourse and more.  I know that there are a few resources that I will be more than happy to share but if you are aware of any other resources, websites that house great science teaching video exemplars please do not hesitate to share.


Al Byers Al Byers 4498 Points

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards also has some videos of teacher practice across the grade bands and disciplines. The videos come with identified standards, linking to highlighted teacher reflections and links to instructional resources demonstrated in the videos of practice.
I believe there over 75 “tagged” in science and just over 25 they’ve identified as supporting NGSS standards. The site is called Atlas: Accomplished Teaching, Learning and Schools. See:
Along a similar note, but not explicitly all teacher classroom videos, NSTA’s NGSS@NSTA portal also has some videos discussing NGSS (see:
Here’s a link to NSTA’s NGSS Video Collection:

Amanda Wolfe Amanda Wolfe 16375 Points

Hi LaToya!

Great question and I can see you have some excellent resources already. If you are looking for videos organized around the Next Generation Science Standards the NGSS Hub has some excellent videos!

LaToya Pugh LaToya Pugh 6670 Points

Hi Ms. Wolfe, Thank you so much for your response. I will definitely check out these resources. Looking at videos aligned to NGSS will be a great start, as I am working to help coaches and teachers identify the science and engineering practices within a lesson. Thank you again for sharing.

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