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Chandler Patrick Chandler Patrick 2040 Points

This article was very helpful! I think it was great in explaining how students and parents can work together even at home. Further, it was helpful when trying to grasp a better understanding about formative assesments and the purpose that they serve. When I was in elementry school years ago, I remember it being difficult for my parents to help me with my science homework assignments. However, I think that if they would have read this, they would have felt more comfotable with the subject. 

Rebecca Montgomery Rebecca Montgomery 600 Points

I also found this article very helpful for engaging parents in their student's learning outside of the classroom. I liked the phrase 'make thinking visible' because children truely are active, visual learners. Using probes provided by a teacher will help parents asses their child's prior knowledge and encourage them as they actively experiment at home. Each student will learn about the same phenomena, but they can bring a diverse experience back to their class which will encourage discussion between students and further their interest in the topic. This will be a great tool for teachers to assess their students learning and encourage parents to think like scientists with their children outside of the classroom. 

Elizabeth Ricke Elizabeth Ricke 343 Points

This article was very interesting. I really love how it includes Spanish probes for Spanish-speaking families as we need to be accommodating to all families in our schools. As a future teacher, I find making connections and working well with parents very important. This article was able to help me find different probes that are acceptable to send home with parents and students. While reading I was thinking of different activities and probes that would be beneficial for students and parents of all ages to send home. I liked how the article mentioned we need to have activities that make parents think like the students allowing the students to explore and engage in conversations with their parents. There were many great points in this article that I will have to remember as I go on to my future teaching. 

Luke Anderson Luke Anderson 310 Points

This article was extremely beneficial in understanding how to assist parents in online education. Modifying content to help students learn more effectively at home is important in providing them with the best education. Although parents are not classroom teachers, they are teachers of life, which is something we all can embrace. Considering activities that students can take home during a regular school year is something that I had not thought about before. Usually when we consider activities, future educators only consider activities that can be conducted in class. Having student bring activities home to complete with parents not only helps create better bonds between your students and their parents, but also create better relationships between teachers and parents.

Katie Andrews Katie Andrews 675 Points

I liked that this article shows us ways to help parents teach their students about science and the world around them. Learning does not stop when the bell rings and I think by giving parents ideas and resources, they can feel more confident about being involved in their child's education in this way. 

Katie Andrews Katie Andrews 675 Points

I liked that this article shows us ways to help parents teach their students about science and the world around them. Learning does not stop when the bell rings and I think by giving parents ideas and resources, they can feel more confident about being involved in their child's education in this way. 

Sarah Campbell Sarah Campbell 415 Points

I found this article helpful when interacting and engaging parents in their child's learning. Personally, the interaction with parents frightens me a little, but being able to use this article as a resource for probes I can send home, eases me. Teachers sending probes home to parents can help them assess their child's prior knowledge, and engage with them through their learning. Educating parents on what you are sending home and the goals that you have for their child is important so parents can help if needed. This is a great way for teachers to help engage parents in their child's learning. 

Madison Hiestand Madison Hiestand 350 Points

I thought this article was a great source when trying to incorporate parents into sciene learning. As educators we want our students learning to continue outside of the classroom and to build relationships with parents. This article is a great resource to bring into the classroom and send home for students who need more practice or as a tool to look back on their learning. This gives the parents opportunities to be involved in their students learning and to see what their children are doing and learning in school, sepcifically science. 

Emily Jones Emily Jones 1435 Points

This article was very timely in addressing the need for parents to have some guidance in becoming partners in their children's virtual learning experiences, especially those in Science.  I'm sure that most students have felt a little claustrophobic, being stuck inside and are missing the Science experiments that they once could take for granted inside the classroom.This article opens the window for parents to close a gap left by shelter in place initiatives. I love the ideas on how parents can explore and learn alongside their children and bring nature inside as well.  It's been my experience that more often than not, parents might seem to be non participatory in their child's learning simply because they don't know where or how to begin. Ms. Keeley gives wonderful simplistic step by step probes that any parent, experienced or not, can easily adopt as at-home learning fun. Making things seem more complicated and time consuming than they need to be can certainly make parents shy away from getting involved.  I really loved the two examples she highlighted in her book.  Think I'll be adding this one to my collection of resources. 

Susana Castillo Susana Castillo 1525 Points

I thought this article provided a lot of information that was very helpful. This article address how the parents need to be invovled in students' education and able to do it by providing parents a guidance of how to teach science to their children. 

Rabab Nisar Rabab Nisar 475 Points

I think this article was very informative and educational. It has many tips and ideas that would help parents educate their children on their own. Many students are learning at home right now and engagement can be hard. This article explains how parents can effectively help students learn at home. This way parents can be more involved in their childs learning experience. This article is an excellent guide!

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