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Joel Hernandez Joel Hernandez 240 Points

Hello I am a student at UTRGV and I am in the education program. I want to know what kind of activities could one do that is engaging and fun related to chemistry? Chemistry can be a difficult topic for most especially those younger. I want to see how to break that barrier and turn a difficult subject into an enjoyable one. 

Genesis Pepe Genesis Pepe 295 Points

There are many ways to make chemistry enjoyable! To be specific, I would have to know the topic you are looking to do, but incorportating demos for students is a big one. When they can see what they are learning happening in real life they get more engaged. A fun one that I like to do either in the bonding unit or stoichiometry unit is have the students do a s'more lab. 

Bri Lingenfelter Bri Lingenfelter 1405 Points

Hi Joel! 

I am a 4th year elementary eduation major. There are lots of amazing activities that you could do that are engaging and fun connected to chemistry! One example, I once observed a chemistry related lesson in a first grade classroom where they created 'elephant toothpaste'. This experiment demonstrates an exothermic reaction. The teacher used hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, food coloring, and yeast. They mixed the hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and food coloring together, then added the yeast and the students watched as the mixture foamed up like toothpaste! The teacher talked to me afterwards about how it is a great way to introduce chemical reactions and spark their curiosity. 

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