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Eugene Pascual Eugene Pascual 1075 Points

HI, Fortunately, my classroom has been granted the use of IPAD's and IPOD's from a grant. We have been using the IPAD's and IPOD's in all subject areas. I've been able to use the camera button so students can video or photograph their subject and use it as documentation and data. We have also used it for researching topics and using google earth to explore. I'm in search of an assessment app or other tool in which it will allow my students to create or build (such as building a bridge or drawing the layout of a farm land.

Eugene Pascual Eugene Pascual 1075 Points

Thanks so much. I've recently found an App which allows me to link up all the teachers I work with as well as making a group with my students. It'll allow me to create polls and post questions and watch students reply. It's called Edmodo. Right now, I'm in the exploration mode before telling the students about this. So far this app has proven to work really well.

Jessica Hulvey Jessica Hulvey 1745 Points

Hi Eugene, That's wonderful that you have the chance to incorporate some stellar technology. this is an app that looks good: It's called stick pick and its a formative assessment tool that allows you to form questions. There's many question starters as well. It also allows for the answers to be graded on a scale. - Jessica

Hi Eugene, There is an app called socrative (you need to make a free account) where you can create quizzes for your students and can watch their responses in real time. You can also scramble question order to prevent cheating! It's great, the students are generally positive about using the iPads for quizzes.

Patty McGinnis Patricia McGinnis 25635 Points

Hi Eugene,
I found a site that lists several assessment apps for use in education. I haven't used any of them, but there is a brief review of each on the site that you may find useful.

Nicole Anthony Nicole Anthony 702 Points

I am a student teacher at a STEM school and one of the tools that the students were using to build virtual representations of things was actually Minecraft. This platform is a great tool to utilize different materials and you can have the students use different parameters for them to follow so that they are creating realistic farmland. 

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