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Effective note taking online

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Jaleen Franceschi Jaleen Franceschi 510 Points

Before when doing in person classes I used to do note taking with paper and pen. Since then with the pandemic and online classes my note taking strategy is not that effective as before. I feel like I need to transition my note taking to my table/laptop but I am having trouble doing it. What are some ways to do typed note taking and keeping it organized and simple?  

Maryann Garza Maryann Garza 530 Points

At the start of the pandemic, I shared the same confusion and frustration! Writing notes down was a way to effectively condense useful information as the professor was lecturing or going over key topics so the switch to completely online had me reevaluate my methods. I found that there were hundreds of apps that will organize your notes online in folders or topics for you and there are also hundreds of templates if you are only comfortable using WORD that can structure the way you write notes! This also improved the way I overall interpreted the information 

Iris Garcia Iris Garcia 290 Points

Hello Jaleen! I am BIG on writing stuff down. I love using notebooks for anything and everything. My husband actually just suggested using a WORD document-- I wasn't super interested in this, but maybe it would help you transition from a notebook to your laptop! 

Good luck,

Sydney Green Sydney Green 175 Points

Hello Maryann, I definetly recommend using WORD as a way to take notes for future reference. There are many features to structure your note taking which is cool. I am going to also check out some note taking apps on my phone as well thanks for the recommendation. I wonder how would this work for younger students? Would they be focused enough to incoporate note taking with technology?

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