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How to get parents involved

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Alexa Ayala Alexa Ayala 360 Points

In a classroom you can really tell who's parents are involved with their children and who do not. These children usually fall behind since they dont have that extra support at home. Any advice on how I could get parents involved?

Cariese Ruiz Cariese Ruiz 430 Points

Hi Alexa, one thing I found helpfull is Class Dojo, teachers post announcements for weekly activities and express how parents can be involved from home, for example this month of February, a teacher posted a calender of events that the students can complete at school or at home and parents can send in pictures or simply tell the teacher what they child did at home that was a kindfull act. I find this very usefull and it tells which parents are involved in their kids school activities. 

Nora Garcia Nora Garcia 340 Points

Hello Alexa,

I believe that a great way to get parents involved is sending students work done in class with notes on what they did well. Also, creating a project that involves parent and student to work on it together for involvement. Another way is setting up a conference with the parents instead of waiting for the parents to reach out to the teachers.

Valeria Gonzalez Valeria Gonzalez 515 Points

hello alexa, i think a great way to get parents involved is sending students work done in class with notes on what they did well and could improve on, create a project that involves parent and student to work on it together for involvement, and coming up with zoom meetings weekly to discuss students academic, social and behavior progress. 

Brenna Bonner Brenna Bonner 175 Points

One idea that I have is doing a project on genetics, and encouraging students to communicate with their family. In this scenario, they can create a porject with their parents.

Maria Torres Maria Torres 130 Points

One way I can think of is by setting up conferences with the parents, instead of waiting for the parent to reach out. 

Jhoana Duron Jhoana Duron 355 Points

Hi Alexa, I'm not a teacher but I've been a student for more than 12 years, I have parents, and well I get to see/know about my classmates parents. So, from that experience I feel a way to get parents engage with their kids in classroom is by calling them maybe like once a week, sending them students' work and have parents sign it, and/or maybe send homework once a week that requires a parent participation. If none of that works, maybe make meetings with parents and make them mandatory. That way if they don't want to get engage at least they know what their children is doing/going through.

Britney George Britney George 2455 Points

HI! I  have to agree about class Dojo.  It's free and easy to use and allows you to let parents know what is going on.  All you have to do is set up an account, enter the parents phone number or email and they accept the request. You can also see if they have seen your message or not.  It's a great tool that I use in my room and plan on continuing to use it!  Communication is key!


Britney George

Jessica Palma Jessica Palma 1628 Points

Hi Brittney, 

I Agree with everyone with Classdojo, as a parent I check it a lot to follow up.  Another form would be a weekly/monthly class newsletter that can be created with mailchip. 

Jenna Foltz Jenna Foltz 20 Points

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