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Debanhi Garcia Debanhi Garcia 45 Points

How can we make Science more interesting for our students? I understand that kids like hands-on activities, do you have any activities that students can do on a daily school day basis to keep them engaged in class?

Lizzet Alvarez Lizzet Alvarez 185 Points

Hello Debanhi, 

I am a Transitional Kindergarten teacher the way I make science more interesting for my students is focus on a unit and expand it either by a few days or weeks depending on the length of the unit. For example, they are currently learning about mass the way I have engaged them into learning about heavy and light is by allowing them to use our everyday classroom materials and they make a prediction as to which one is heavier. After making their prediction and drawing their observation down they are allowed to weigh both of their objects and observe if their prediction was correct. After weighing we will move on to using water and allowing students to predict whether the object will sink or float. Hope this short idea of how I incorporate science in my classroom provides you with an idea. 

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