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Making Science Fun for KIds

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Aisha McLaughlin Aisha McLaughlin 345 Points

      Children are so lively and full of energy. When teaching them science, you have to approach it in a way that will appeal to their age group. Teachers teaching children science should make sure to include a lot of hands-on activities. These hands-on activities can be fun but still educational. Students learn best when they are actually interested in what they are learning.

Natalie Phamle Natalie Phamle 300 Points

I 100% agree with your statement. Children do learn best when they learn from hands-on activites. Especially with experiements that they can do at home to share their new knowledge.

Priscila Ponce Priscila Ponce 1030 Points

Hello Aisha, I agree with you! Science is a really fun subject to learn. I remember being so excited to work on science activities as a child. Including hands-on activities well help get the students motivated to learn about science!

Mary Lynn Hess Mary Hess 12358 Points

Well stated Aisha! Do you have a favorite hands-on lesson that you use?

Louis Legier Louis Legier 550 Points

You are spot on here. Science is definitely a topic that has the potential to be very engaging due to all of the hands on activities associated with it. In my experience these type of lessons have been the most successful. Having fun matters in education. If you are having fun you are typically engaed and active. 

Sherry Crawford Sherry 103 Points

If anyone needs some inspiration on how to make science fun for kids email me your your schools mailing information and I will send you some TeacherGeek kits that are backed with fun, free curriculum and challenges. Email [email protected]

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