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Peyton Kurgan Peyton Kurgan 900 Points

Hello all, 

My name is Peyton Kurgan and I am currently pursing my Master's degree in Elementary education at Tennessee Technological University. I am feeling overwhelmed with my full-time job and doing school, which I know many of you porbably do. What is some advice that can be given on balancing the two? Also, what is your favorite thing about teaching your students? What are some challenges you have faced? I would love all to hear any and all advice that will prepare me for the future. Thanks!

Chelsea Brady Chelsea Brady 705 Points

I am in the same exact boat! I work full time and I babysit on the side, squeezing in my field experience this semester feels like it will be impossible- I may have to turn down a really great job opportunity if I can't make my schedule fit around it! I always ask, 'how do people do this??' Especially once it's time to do student teaching! So far I've gotten along by planning out my week over the weekend, I look at how much I'm babysitting and the hours I work (sometimes I have mornings off and work into the evening instead,) and I tell myself when to squeeze homework in. When I have weekends off it's helpful, but sometimes I still have to work weekends and it's extra tough. I let myself be lazy sometimes, because I don't want to fall apart, but it's really been about discipline and focusing on my future. I don't have much free time, but I tell myself it'll be worth it in the end!! My dog is currently in recovery from a double knee surgery, so that has thrown me out of whack-my home is a mess!! Sorry that this turned to my own ranting--I just definitely relate to you, and you should know you're not alone! At work, my students make it worth it for me. I work admin at a private school, and my favorite thing is being a source of comfort for students who have a lot going on-between learning differences or problems at home. I love the kids and the relationship we have! Now that I'm considering a better paying job, a big challenge is possibly leaving the kids I love! 

Stephen Walson Stephen Walson 10 Points

I think the best choice you can make is to work less. Your story sounds really hard and I can't imagine how you deal with it on a regular base. Remembering my student time, I was so busy because of work and a lot of studying. But I found a solution by using the source (visit website) and I got a lot of free time for myself. You must choose one way you want to go and do your best in it. 

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