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NGSS and Laboratory Report Conclusions

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Oscar Feijoo Oscar 10 Points


Based on what I have read on a previous forum, "A hypothesis is something I determine before an experiment based on prior knowledge and research of what I expect the outcome to be. I would say a prediction is close but I don't have to have as much support for my hypothesis, this could be more of an educated guess. A Claim is based on the results of the experiment. It can answer the hypothesis but it is based solely on the data collected. Or simpler; Claims must have evidence, a hypothesis should have research and a prediction is what I think will happen. Just my thoughts.", by Brian Hayes, I am assuming that a conclusion to a laboratory report should be hypothesis, evidence, and claim.  The claim would be what I used to teach as the concluding statement that stated whether the evidence proved or disproved the hypothesis.  What are your thoughts?

Matt Bobrowsky Matt Bobrowsky 6225 Points

As used by most physical scientists, a hypothesis is neither a prediction nor an educated guess.  It is a tentative explanation for some observed phenomenon.  See:


BTW, scientists almost never speak of "proving" or "disproving" an idea.



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