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Fun with Force and Motion

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Rhianna Davis Rhianna Davis 230 Points

Frst off, I really enjoyed the incluson of ELL students and students disabilites when demostrating this lesson. I would have liked to see more specific examples on how to demostrate to ELL students better. When introduceing new topics, some students may be overwhelmed with the vocabulary. A way of possably makeing them more comfortable in the classroom while still maintaining the lesson is something to think about. Overall, I really enjoyed this activy and would definitely like to use it in the future.

Equanda Wearing Equanda Wearing 590 Points

I know that this may be a long shot, but I truly enjoyed watching your presentation and have made it a part of my library for future reference.  I am interested in knowing if you have any other material that you would be willing to share with an aspiring science and STEAM educator?  Even if you have an URL or a web address, anything would be helpful and I would be eternally grateful.  

Ms. Wearing

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