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Life Cycle of a Butterfly

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Marissa Olivarez Marissa Olivarez 370 Points

Now that we are using online schooling, how would we explain the life cycle of a butterfly via zoom to a 1st grader? 

Bree Gryp Bree Gryp 190 Points

Hi there, 

Great question, as being virtual adds a more difficulty than normal. The first suggestion I have is to create something highly engaging for students. Students should be excited to learn and will need extra motivation being virtual. You can also have students pick up, or if possible, have materials dropped off to them in advance. This can create excitement, while also preparing students will all the materials, they will need to be successful. In this packet of materials, include books that show the lifecycle of a butterfly, as well as pictures, coloring sheets, worksheets. This will prepare the students to learn with you while you have them on Zoom. During the zoom, read a book so students can see the screen. I really like the National Geographic book titled Caterpillar to Butterfly. Stop at each picture and ask students to use the picture to describe what is happening. After the story, students can draw a timeline of what happens. After the zoom, encourage students to tell their family about the lifecycle picking out the most important steps.

Good luck!
Bree Gryp

Anne Lowry Anne Lowry 6890 Points

Hi Marissa


Flavio gave a good answer to a similar question in a post just one or two away from yours.  I believe it is entitled "Butterfly Life Cycle".  You might want to check it out



Madeline Henderson Madeline Henderson 250 Points

I would show pictures of the different stages in a butterflies life. This would allow a visual connection to be made as students then visualize what I am lecturing. I would ask them if they have ever seen a caterpillar or a butterfly, then show the stage it was at.

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