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Marsh Carroll Marsh Carroll 219 Points

Hi Chem-meisters. Here's my latest All This Science podcast episode from this month's conference. Enjoy!

Emily Faulconer Emily Faulconer 5745 Points

Thanks for sharing! It's great to hear you enjoyed the NSTA Conference. I did not make it this year, sadly. 

Bradley Clark Bradley Clark 190 Points

I am new to the NSTA, what are the conferences like? They sound interesting and I would like to go to one someday.

Gabe Kraljevic Gabe Kraljevic 4564 Points

In one word, the NSTA conferences are AMAZING - particularly the spring national conference!

You will come away with ideas, resources, and contacts that will give you a professional boost and make you better teacher.  Even after 27 years of teaching I was able to walk away from a national conference with dozens of new ideas that I could incorporate into lessons the day I got back to my classroom. The vendor area is mind-blowing and you should bring an extra large suitcase for all resources you will walk away with!  I also recommend you get involved in NSTA somehow - via a committee, as a director or as a writer. 

My biggest regret is that I should have gone to more in my career.  Something to do at least every 5 years if you can manage.  

Considering the current COVID situation I worry that conferences like this may become a thing of the past. I certainly hope not.



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