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Hannah Happ Hannah Happ 310 Points

Hi everyone, my name is Hannah and I am going to be a future teacher in two years. I justed wanted to hear some advice you guys might have for me. Some topics I'd like your opinion/ feedback on students turning in late work and ways to incorporate hands-on activities with little to no resources. Other advice would be great too, I appreciate it! 

Susana Castillo Susana Castillo 1515 Points

Hi Hannah! It great that you're planning to become a future teacher in two years, but I will graduate in December 2021. Having hands-on activites with barely any resources, you simply take the students outside or take them somewhere there's a nature. You can have them do observations on things that grabbed their attention. I'm taking a science course this semester, and we're requried do Wonder Walks which we walk around an area that we feel safe and comfortable. We observe and explore what is around us. We can take pictures or draw on our journals. After doing the Wonder Walk, we reflect on what we saw, heard, or felt. Or you write on the things that were interesting to experienced. You don't have to do a reflection, students can create a Haiku poem about their experience. 

Katie Andrews Katie Andrews 675 Points

Hi Hannah! I am not too far ahead of you! I finish in December 2021. As far as hands on learning with little to no resources, for science, just taking them outside to explore and learn there. And maybe have the students create an investigation question that allows them to gather data, like are there more bugs in one area than another and have them answer the question based on their data and evidence. Also, to teach them about recycling, you could have them create something new out of recycled materials. I know it's not much, as I am still learning as well, but I hope this helps!

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