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Megan McCafferty Megan McCafferty 620 Points

After the pandemic distance learning became a much more prominenet aspect in the world of education. While distance learning can be difficult to navigate it can also be a very helpful tool. For example, when a student is sick they can join a zoom that way they will not miss out on a day of learning. Also for snow days, they students no longer need to miss a day of school simple because of the weather because they can now do it online. There are so many useful tools online for just about everything and schools, students, and teachers are continuing to become more familiar with them and utilize them. Technology is such a useful tool and should be utilized more in schools. After the pandemic it has definitely made more of an appearance which caused many people issues which were resolved through trial and error. One of the main setbacks of distance learning is the affect that it has on younger students because it is hard for them to stay focused and engaged by looking at a computer screen all day. For example, one of the major setbacks that I have seen in schools and among younger students is that many of their reading levels are way below grade level because of the two years they spent doing distance learning. 

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