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Jasmin Garcia Jasmin Garcia 490 Points

All students have a different learning styles and different test-taking abilities. Personally I'm not the best test taker on paper but I can demonstrate my knowledge verbally or hands-on. With this being said, how do you decide assessments for students who test differently? As teachers in the classroom, are we able to pick and choose various formative assessments for our students or do they all have to be provided the same way?

Tonya Wiggins Tonya Wiggins 525 Points

Hi Jasmin,

I agree students have different test-taking abilities. I wonder that question also can a teacher use different assessments' for different students or was it what the district or state say it will be. Culture Responsive Teaching is giving all students the chance to learn on equal platform, in which the state has lack in one area and not another. But coming to take charge that all students needs the same access no matter what school it is. There assessment testing to me should be done the same. 

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