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FREE Resource for Chemistry Teachers

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Edward Wang Edward Wang 60 Points

Collisions Chemistry is a suite of digital games designed to allow students to visualize and interact with chemistry concepts through fun and challenging games that integrate with your curriculum. Collisions Chemistry is available via the Android/iOS tablets, the web and is ChromeBook compatible. Free teacher accounts allow users to create classes, to invite students to join for free, to share assignments via Google Classroom, to download student-ready resources, and to track student progress. For more information and to register for free, please visit  

Rebecca Montgomery Rebecca Montgomery 600 Points

Thanks for sharing this resource, Edward!

I'm curious to hear how successful this was for your students. Did you use the game as an in class activity or as an extra practice assignment for students at home? I remember my high school chemistry course being very challenging and an interactive game like this would have increased student motivation in the classroom. Most of our independent practice and assessments involved memorizing the periodic table, polyatomic ions, and balancing equations. How do you integrate this activity into your instuction and allign it with your lesson objectives and standards? 

-Becca Montgomery, preservice teacher, Wartburg College

Mary Edmonds Mary Edmonds 40 Points

Thank you for sharing. I'm hoping to try out this resource with my students in the upcoming weeks.

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