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Jerra Merrifield Jerra Merrifield 160 Points

During the dark and troubled times of the covid-19 pandemic, parents have had to take on a whole new role for their students due to closing schools or fear for safety. The role parents have taken on might seem like an over baring amount of stress, especially when it comes to science. This article helps alleviate that stress, giving teachers an idea of what parents are to expect when it comes to teaching science. This article offers "probes" or questions that help stimulate thinking to help gain ideas the child might already be curious about. It also gives an example of a probe using shadows and how to alter the size of the shadow. Experimentation is improtant for students when learning science. This article allows children to make predicitons and then determine if they were right or wrong. This article is a great way to help parents or educators teach science and how to do so with probing questions.

Rebekah Bittner Rebekah Bittner 220 Points

I thought this article was a great way for teachers to get ideas of how to help guide parents to help their students at home, learn about science and do activities that are quick and will build on the childs understanding of science. However, I did also consider that for the parents to become the "at home" teacher, for the student may be difficult. Not all parents have the ability to all of a sudden jump into guiding/teaching their children at home. I think this article has a great start to how teachers can give some parents a great start in how to help the students still be able to learn science while at home but I am curious as to what teachers can do to help lessen the load for parents to be the "teacher" at home? 

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