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Deanna Karpuz Deanna Karpuz 2610 Points

Hey All! 

I am looking for some ideas for teaching relative motion. My school will be remote during this lesson so I was hoping to find some simple ideas that students can try at home. 


Micheal P Floyd Jr Micheal P Floyd Jr 55 Points

Hi, A fun way to teach Relative Locations, to children at home, is to ask them “From where you are, at home, where are your clothes?” You might get, “In my bedroom,” or “In my dresser drawer,” perhaps even “In my closet.” If the child isn’t in or near his/her bedroom then what was replied is “Relative Location”. Unless, of course, the child mentioned the “Absolute Location” in describing exactly where said clothes were located. Have fun!

Joseph Bellina Joseph Bellina 160 Points

What you need are examples of the same situation seen from two different perspectives, moving differently.  So for example if you can find a video of a car race showing what it looks like from the drivers point of view, that is the car appears stationary and the track appears to be moving.  Then show it from the perspective of someone on the ground, where the car appears to be moving and the track appears to be stationary.  I think it is important to stress the word appears in this work to begin getting students to understand that all motion is relative, depending on the position and motion of the observer.  You might also find images of persons on a roller coaster.  I'm sure there are others, some one on a moving boat, as compared to being on the boat.



Deanna Karpuz Deanna Karpuz 2610 Points

These are helpful ideas! Thank you so much for your help! 


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