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microscope repair help

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Chris Sullivan Chris Sullivan 1020 Points

I have some nice but old microscopes that have 40x objective lenses that can't be used.  They are cloudy and unusable, and cleaning the lenses didn't improve.  Any advice??

Anna Head Anna Head 10 Points

I had about 8 swift microscopes like this. You could try a stronger solvent I read about using toluene or benzene to clean them, but I'm not comfortable using those in my sciecne classroom. I attempted acatone, but it didn't do much to clean them up. I ended up doing was ordering new 40x objectives for about $80 each. While that's about a third of the cost of the microscope, the microscopes I have are better quality than what I could reasonably purchase. The newer plastic microscopes in my price range didn’t seem to focus as easily as the older ones for students.

Ruth Hutson Ruth Hutson 63625 Points

You could look into getting replacement objectives.  Depending on the brand of microscope, many microscopes have standard parts that you can switch out.  What type of microscope do you have?

Janette Delong Janette Delong 20 Points

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Rick Sunchez Rick Sunchez 20 Points

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