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Collaboration in the age of COVID

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Allison Charnecky Allison 60 Points

So much of my class is about discovery and collaboration. With school districts not requiring masks but planning to go back face to face in the fall, how do I still encourage inquiry and collaboration 6ft apart? I realize there is collaboration spaces within the Microsoft OneNote format.  What ideas are there to help utilize spaces like this to help promote safe collaboration during the pandemic?

Pamela Dupre Pam Dupre 92369 Points

When school shut down here in mid-March, we posted online lessons using Blackboard Collaborate. We worked online to prepare lessons for students at home. Best case scenario was creating videos of ourselves doing the experiments and creating an online science notebook for students. Currently, our schools will offer online or in person school. Masks are required. Yet, how will we in science classes really get to move around and experiment? They took the tables out of our class rooms. 

Our district does use Open SciEd/Explore Learning. It's online simulations which I have used at the beginning, middle, or end of the unit depending on students' understanding of the content. 

I'm thinking about the possibility of students videoing themselves doing experiments and dropping the video into a program with data collected, questions for other students, and alternative materials and videos so students who are learning virtually can participate. 

Having said all of that, we have to up our technology collaboration game. 

Joshep Henny Joshep Henny 20 Points

I agree with the statement in the covid time we need the collaboration with the age of covid and utilize our time with the best source of us so why don’t you go for this? Grab my essay! the most time valuing thing you can do in your covid time and one of a friend already following the same.

Anne Lowry Anne Lowry 8543 Points

This is something I am struggling with, especially as we reopened 06/15.  What grade do you teach?

My school also is focused on collaboration and inquiry.  We do encourage face masks for the kids, but as my students are under the age of 9, which is the required age in NV, they are not required to wear them.  Many do and teachers, of course, live in them.  In my classroom, the 6 foot rule isn't going to work; but I do encourage space between people

What I did initally was create workboxes with the same tools and materials.  Each student works with their own resoruces, but shares with the class, whoc omments and asks questions.   I acted as recorder, and created a group document (which is a typcial task).  The students have done well with the work boxes; now I am trying multiple bins of materials, reminding them that if they touch it, they have to use it or give it to me to clean  (lids, skewers, sticks, straws as we wotk with wheels and axels; two have made rovers so far).  So far, so good. 




Pamela Dupre Pam Dupre 92369 Points

Wow! Great thinking with those materials boxes! Have you thought about kids wearing those clear face sheilds? I taught elementary for most of my career and recently switched to middle school. Even thought they are chronologically older, they are still little kids at heart and do silly things.

I have a three year old grandson who wears an astronaut helmet everywhere. 

Anne Lowry Anne Lowry 8543 Points

They are still loving the workboxes...though I will admit, I add a new tool every so often to keep it going. 

Masks and face shields are tricky, as our state requires such for only 9 and younger, and we are seeing if we can require them of our 3's and up.  Face shields have Been brought up once or twice (and I like the ideas as it cuts down on figners going places I don't want them to go :)  ); I will look into them further.  Do you know of a resource off the top of your head (google is my default)? Thank you!



Lori King Lori King 1050 Points

In my district we do not have any COVID restrictions so collaborating is easier. Yet if we did I would have our students use Google slides to collaborate on learning. We also have a website we use called Book Creator where multiple students can create a book together that can be published and sent to parents. 

Guadalupe Simmons Guadalupe Simmons 10 Points

I think the days of covid have made their mark on all walks of life and will be remembered more than once in the history books. It was very difficult for me to adjust to this format of life and learning. I had to resort to several resources to write my dissertation since I could not figure it out on my own. I believe that contact with teachers and peers is a must and directly affects the quality of learning.

Jegego Itigadom Jegego 100 Points

Navigating the challenges of returning to face-to-face classes in the fall while prioritizing safety is crucial. Considering the absence of mask mandates, it's inspiring to see your commitment to fostering discovery and collaboration in your class. Utilizing collaboration spaces within Microsoft OneNote is a great start. To promote safe collaboration during the pandemic, consider encouraging virtual brainstorming sessions, collaborative document editing, and discussions within the OneNote platform. Additionally, you might explore incorporating online collaboration tools or platforms that facilitate real-time interaction while maintaining a safe distance. This way, students can continue to engage in inquiry-based learning and teamwork seamlessly. Stay innovative and adaptable – your dedication to creating a positive learning environment is commendable!

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