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I was excited to find the NGSS application on Google Play. Now I can conveniently pull up these standards and information where ever I am, such as at the board as I am writing the objective for the day for the day's lesson.

Brynna Malen Brynna Malen 290 Points

That is so cool! So we can download it on our ipads and smartphones to access anywhere!

Valerie Reina Valerie Reina 180 Points

Wow, this is very good information to keep in mind. I will make note of it in my journal. I have lots of questions regarding teaching science and I'm a little worried about taking on the task because I am not familiar with the standards. I'm positive that I will become more familiar with them as I approach my teaching career, but knowing of a resource like this will make me feel more confident as I take on a classroom knowing I'm responsible for incorporating science into student's everyday routine. Yay for modern technology- apps, always making life easier.

Irene Hernandez Irene Hernandez 1610 Points

Thank you for sharing! I am glad that there is an NGSS application. With so much to do and remember, it is great to know that there is a convenient way to retrieve the standards anytime and anywhere! I will definitely download it!

Debbie Rexing Debbie Rexing 270 Points

[color=blue]That's so cool...didn't know. Thanks for the post =O)

Elizabeth Cooke Elizabeth Cooke 7245 Points

Hello Roneisha, I use the NGSS and Common Core app from the Mac App store. It is on my phone and free. The NGSS app organizes information into DCI, topics, and grade level. - Elizabeth Cooke

Jennifer Wimberly Jennifer Wimberly 255 Points

I also use those apps, and I really like how it is organized.

Morgan Kueter Jennifer Kueter 415 Points

Thanks for sharing. I have now added it to my phone and iPad. Jennifer

Jill Dimitriou Jill Dimitriou 445 Points

I have an app for all state standards. It works on my phone and tablet. It's very convenient!

Darin Gray Darin Gray 20 Points

Thanks! It's an awesome app. Now when I'm developing lessons in my lab or in the field, I can pull up the standards and make notes on my phone. Now, I don't have to take my laptop with me.

Melissa Manning Melissa Manning 755 Points

Thank you so much for the information!

Chandler Levit Chandler Levit 200 Points

This is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing :-)

Allyson Jones Allyson Jones 1090 Points

Wow! This is amazing information! I can't wait to download it and share it with other student teachers now. Thanks for sharing!

Kathryn Madden Kathryn Madden 830 Points

Starting to wrap my head around NGSS. ..this will be great.  Thank you. 

Nichelle Williams Nichelle Williams 2865 Points

I recently watched one of the webinars on NGSS via NSTA and it really helped me gain a basic understanding as to how the next gen. standards can be used in my classroom.  I teach in Georgia, and we are slated to adopt these new standards in the next two years so I wanted to begin the process of deconstructing the standards now.  I was not aware of this app but I have now added it to my resources.  Thank you so very much for sharing!

Myca Miller Myca 750 Points

This information will be very helpful in my future! Thank you for sharing, I am currently a college student studying education and we are not taught these tricks in school!

Debbie Mabry Debbie Mabry 850 Points

Thanks very much. Our staff will download this app also. Great to have it at your fingertips. Debbie

Steven Autieri Steven Autieri 844 Points

I love the app on my phone. It allows me to do a quick lookup in a meeting with faculty without having to pull out books or computers. Thanks for sharing this with everyone.

Hannah Ballantyne Hannah Ballantyne 3705 Points

Thanks for sharing this! As a pre-service teacher, I am always looking for things to help making lesson plans easier. I know this will come in handy both now, and when I start teaching in my own classroom. I will easily be able to look up the standards on this app to create my lesson plans. I always have my phone with me and will be able to access NGSS no matter where I am. Like mentioned earlier, it will be so handy to look up the standards or other NGSS material in a meeting or similar situation instead of having to pull them up on a computer. I will have to download this and test it out!

Pamela Dupre Pamela Dupre 92369 Points

I agree Hannah! It's awesome that this is still relevant considering how long ago the original post was made!

Anthony Wallace Anthony Wallace 20 Points

Hi Irene Hernandez,
Thank you for your topic on the NGSS app! I'm thrilled to hear that you're finding it helpful and convenient. If you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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