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EC Science on Pinterest?

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Peggy Ashbrook Margaret Ashbrook 10973 Points

Great blog post, 'An Open Letter: To Pinterest, from a Teacher,' by Mary Wade, encouraging us all to make our education and activity pins a valuable resource with information about the concepts in the activity, links to the source and research about ECE, and explaining how the science activity extends student understanding.
I am going to try to make my Pinterest pin choices richer by reflecting on Mary Wade's questions, including: 
'Will this help me better understand and reach my students?
Will this enhance student ownership over learning?
Will this encourage the 4 C’s (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, or creativity)?'
Plus the cute picture, of course!

What makes a Pinterest pin a valuable resource for you?

Jennifer Leetch Jenny Leetch 1140 Points

I agree wholeheartedly with Mary Wade regarding her open letter to Pinterest. I jokingly say to friends that thanks to Pinterest I haven't had to have an original idea for years. It really is a wealth of ideas and instruction. Kidding aside, as educators we must look at the content of our lessons more than just the presentation. Having a really cute recording sheet for a lab experiment may be nice to have, but not necessary. For those of us who like to have the cutesy or visually appealing elements, Pinterest can be a huge time saver and inspiration. It can allow us to have both cute AND content. There are also many content strong boards that can be found on Pinterest - knowing the difference is what distinguishes us as educators.

Courtney George Courtney George 720 Points

I love this so much! As a preservice teacher it is so difficult to sort through what we are being taught in our methods classes vs what we are seeing in actual elementary schools, vs all of the techniques and resources online. I think it's important to realize what is best for our students and go from there. I am extremely guilty of being addicted to all the pretty pins when planning my first classroom. I believe that asking myself those essential questions that Wade mentioned will help me become the best teacher I can, and to always have activities planned that are child centered.

Melissa Blanco Melissa Blanco 540 Points

I actually really appreciate that we now have new and easy resources to look at to help build our lessons!

Brina Coffman Brina Coffman 880 Points

i enjoyed looking at this!

Alyssa Heater Alyssa Heater 875 Points

I have found some very intriguing lessons on Pinterest. I think if you search, you can find anything you need. 

Muneeza Dhukka Muneeza Dhukka 755 Points

Love this! I really am grateful for having all the free resources and ideas available to me because it allows me to teach using different styles to reach my goals of meeting the different learning styles of all my students!

Jordan Babcock Jordan Babcock 505 Points

I really liked this post and i think it was very important to read. I think many people work on making their lessons cute so they look like the pinterest product. We need to focus on keeping the product from a lesson educational and make sure it is still more educational than just cute.

Awesome, thank you so much for sharing! 

Jessica Cronin Jessica Cronin 565 Points

I love how there are so many different resources available.

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