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Wendy Goldfein Wendy Goldfein 2335 Points

Want to know what's new in STEM resources? We have a Facebook page devoted to engineering and STEM that we update several times a week. It's great way to keep up with all the opportunities and resources that are available. Go to: and like our page to be part of our community. And if you would like a ready to go free STEM lesson to try out, we have several on our website. Wendy Goldfein and Cheryl Nelson Get Caught Engineering

Gwendolyn Huggins Gwendolyn Huggins 1060 Points

I just recently found this site. I signed up. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy Biernat Kathy Biernat 4695 Points

WOW! Thanks for sharing!

Sandy Gady Sandy Gady 43175 Points

I always enjoy visiting Wendy and Cheryl’s Get Caught Engineering website, for new ideas. I am beginning a new school year in a few days and stumbled back on “Saving Fred.” I bought gummy snakes and lifesavers from the Dollar Tree, have paper clips and plastic cups, and the story in hand. Now I just have to stand back and let my students apply what they know to save poor old Fred. For those of you unfamiliar with the scenario: (This is taken from Get Engineering website.) “Save Fred Fred has been enjoying boating on the lake but he frequently forgets to put on his life preserver. He never learned to swim and disaster has struck. Fred’s boat has capsized! He was able to crawl on top of his boat but as luck would have it, his life preserver is under his boat. Fred needs your help to not only reach the life preserver but to put it on so he won’t drown. You and your partner will each receive one paper clip. You may touch the boat, life preserver and Fred with only this paper clip. At no time may you injure Fred by stabbing him. If you drop him, he has drowned and you must start over.” I am curious though how they will solve the problem. I am sure I am overthinking it, but would love to know what your solution would be.

Beth Dather Beth Dather 3950 Points

Wendy, Great information. Thanks for sharing. I will be signing up after I post this :)

Aurora Otero Aurora Otero 2500 Points

Thanks for sharing.

Yoli Gonzales Yoli Gonzales 2165 Points

Wendy Thanks so much for sharing this site. I checked it out and found it very useful. To all out there, I'm curious to know what type of STEM materials/resources/kits you all think are MUST have in your elementary classroom or lab - I teach science/STEM grades 1 to 6th -- that's not too costly or complicated for both teachers and students.

Cayla Sharp Cayla Sharp 2065 Points

I am an elementary education major and have recently stumbled across the Get Caught Engineering website. I absolutely love it and will be telling my fellow classmates about this site!

Nicole Gans Nicole Gans 2000 Points

Wonderful! I will be checking this out!

Nicole Gans Nicole Gans 2000 Points

Wonderful! I will be checking this out!

Lou Waters Lou Waters 660 Points

Thanks for that info!!!

Martha Burkett Martha Burkett 1175 Points

Thanks for sharing this site - I just checked it out. Can use all the help I can get. Thanks again!

Karissa Johnston Karissa Johnston 140 Points

Thank you for sharing! This is a very helpful site!

Alyce Dalzell Alyce Dalzell 64075 Points

NSTA's free and archived WebSeminars contain a wealth of STEM ideas, activities, links and slides to personalize your classroom presentations!

% and Volume: Space Food and Nutrition - How Much is Waste?

NASA and NSTA are hosting a 90-minute live professional development WebSeminar for educators on Jan. 21, 2014, at 6:30 p.m. EST.

You will learn how to guide your students through three mathematical problems to determine the mass and volume of a food package before and after repackaging for spaceflight, and determine the usable and waste portions of food selected for spaceflight. The problems provide opportunities for incorporating national mathematics learning standards into the curriculum and address grades 5-8 Common Core State Standards, Mathematics.

Gwendolyn Huggins Gwendolyn Huggins 1060 Points

NASA site is a great resource. Thanks

Joseph Schick Joe Schick 14660 Points

Thank you for the post. I will definitely look into using this and implementing STEM into my classroom. Makes for a great learning environment. Thank you.

Susanne Hokkanen Susanne Hokkanen 79520 Points

I LOVE the NSTA NASA and NES webseminars! They contain so many great ideas for lesson plans and after school clubs. While the archived format is informative and worthwhile, I highly recommend attending a live webseminar. Live webseminars offer the participants an opportunity to interact with the presenter and fellow participants. You can ask questions in real time, and participate through the chat function with other participants as you explore ways to bring the lesson into your classroom together. Here is a link to register for any upcoming webseminars: Here is a link to the archived webseminars:

Brenda Hornaday Brenda Hornaday 770 Points

Thanks for the link. I signed up for this page on FB.

Brenda Hornaday Brenda Hornaday 770 Points

Thanks for the link. I signed up for this page on FB.

Danielle Penrod Danielle Penrod 2295 Points

Thanks for sharing!

Sheila Falgout Sheila Falgout 900 Points

Thanks for sharing this, Wendy. It looks great - I have already added it to my STEM bookmark!

Nori Polivka Nori Polivka 275 Points

Thank you for sharing, it is nice to find resources that are STEM related.

Jackie Dielmann Jackie Dielmann 540 Points

Just what I'm looking for! Thanks!

Amanda Marshall Amanda Marshall 1475 Points

Thank You for sharing!

Gabriela Gutierrez Gabriela Gutierrez 1115 Points

In addition to this resource, I also found a website while doing my own STEM research to present to my class. It is called where students can play games to learn more about many STEM careers.

Lydia Cotton Lydia Cotton 2340 Points

Wow thanks for sharing. I actually teach fifth grade math but I am always looking for ways to integrate subjects.

Naomi Beverly Naomi Beverly 19130 Points

Wendy-- Thanks for posting. It's new to me, and my students will benefit. All the best-- Naomi Beverly

Kevin Nguyen Kevin Nguyen 1575 Points

Thanks for sharing. I've been talking to students about STEM careers.

Naomi Beverly Naomi Beverly 19130 Points

Wendy- I just joined the page! Thanks. Naomi Beverly

Carrie Naglak Carrie Naglak 1805 Points

Thanks for the info! That is an amazing site! I love that they include a lot of STEAM info...I need help bringing art into my classroom. What better way than through science?!

Charlene Brocke Charlene 1825 Points

Great resource sites! Thanks. Glad I found it early in the month, so I can implement ideas from their blog, "Learning is Sweet", this October.

Yessika Barrientos Yessika Barrientos 1805 Points

Here is another great resource They have a fantastic book that has everything you need.

Jesus Medina Jesus Medina 1330 Points

Wendy, Thank you for the websites. They look very interesting. I will surely use these websites while planning a lesson.

Jennifer Beach Jennifer Beach 1255 Points

This is awesome! Thank you for sharing!

Denise Saenz Denise Saenz 395 Points


Amy Lynn Chessman Amy Lynn Andricopulos 1285 Points

Thanks its a great resource.

Rafael Pouso Rafael Pouso 1435 Points

Thank you for sharing this website. As a future teacher I will take advantage of these resource as I know how the Elementary students enjoy to see new experiments.

Flavio Mendez Flavio Mendez 52346 Points

The NSTA Virtual Conference on STEM, taking place this Saturday, April 25, will provide ideas for resources and opportunities that you can use in the classroom. See this blog entry for more information from the presenters. To register, visit the web address below: We look forward to seeing you online this Saturday! Flavio.

Jenna Bucklew Jenna Bucklew 655 Points

Thank you for all the great resources. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are so important for the NGSS.

Elizabeth Cooke Elizabeth Cooke 7245 Points

Thank you for sharing this website. I am going to try out the foil boat energizer.

Karen Antoszyk Karen Antoszyk 865 Points

Thanks for sharing ~ liking facebook pages like this are so helpful as they appear often as reminders and new ideas to keep you thinking!

Samantha Sagely Samantha Sagely 210 Points

Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to check out the site.

Clair Green Clair Green 190 Points

Thank you so much for sharing! I am a pre-service Childhood Education teacher with a focus in STEM. These will be wonderful for pre-service lessons, and for when I have my own classroom in the future.

Katie Peterson Katie Peterson 435 Points

I am student teaching this year in a science classroom. My school just had a STEM professional development day, which was very interesting and informative. These are great resources that I will be able to use to integrate STEM into my classroom!

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