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Student Teaching During Remote Learning

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Alejandro Perez Alejandro Perez 30 Points

Teachers everywhere are having to adjust to the "new normal" when it comes to fully remote learning, however many student candidates are having to adjust as well. I am curious to hear ideas on how student teachers can help inside the classroom while being online? 

Adriana De Leon Adriana De Leon 390 Points

Hello Alejandro Perez my name is Adriana De Leon and I believe it is very difficult now with the pandemic being educated online and being able to capture the attention of the students as well as being able to help the students when the teachers are giving their class online. I'm studying to become a bilingual teacher with a minor in Spanish. I think in order to capture the students attention is to make activities where the students may be interacting with teachers so that they can be active because maybe many of the students could fall asleep on the study table as well as you are able to give examples of what they are taught to make it much easier for students to understand.

Adriana Bejar Adriana Bejar 30 Points

Hello Alejandro. I think your question is something that we all ask ourselves. If sometimes in the actual classroom, it is hard to get the students attention anf to actually do their work, I can imagine how will it be whie being virtual classes. I work as a substitute and I will be figuring thatout myself. I will be asked to be in charge of a classroom virtually. I do not have any experience with it yet, but my goal is to keep students intertained and engaged at the same time. Act as if you were still in the classroom, the rules and expectations should be the same. Each class will be different so what works for one might not for another one. I would try to make the lesson fun and interesting for the students maybe with a fun activity as a reward for them at the end.

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