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Gary Eisenberg Gary Eisenberg 70 Points

I have completed videos for Mammals of the Woods, Birds, Insects, Zoo Animals, Sea Animals, and Farm animals. I have also made separate animal song videos for each of the animals in each unit. You can access this resource by going to or simply going to You Tube and typing in Come With Me Science. Hope these will be valuable to you and your students. Gary Eisenberg Eugene Padan Elementary Vacaville, CA.

Sarah Perkins Sarah Perkins 3165 Points

Those are some great videos!! I know that I will defiantly be using those in future lessons.

Linda Ngo Linda Ngo 2775 Points

The video is definitely helpful. I would use them for my future classroom. It's either that or I could make a flashcard with pictures of animals in it and so forth

Betty Paulsell Betty Paulsell 48560 Points

These are very nice. I just have one question. It mentions putting pictures somewhere. What pictures is it referring to?

Gary Eisenberg Gary Eisenberg 70 Points

The way Come With Me Science worked in the old days was that teachers would play the cassette tape narration and students would put up the corresponding hand drawn pictures in the pocket chart. I've spent my summer vacation finding public domain photos of the real life animals. So, no need now to put the hand drawn pictures up. Hope that makes sense. Gary

Betty Paulsell Betty Paulsell 48560 Points

Thank you for the quick response. That explains it.

Amber Culpepper Amber Culpepper 4355 Points

These are great! Can't wait to use them, thanks!

Naomi Beverly Naomi Beverly 19130 Points

Gary- It's always eciting to "meet" someone who creates wonderful instructional materials, then shares them with others. Thank you for your generosity. All the best, Naomi Beverly

Grace Flamenco Grace Flamenco 3115 Points

I love these resources! I'm sure these will come in handy as I start my new teaching career!

Jhoana Marcadejas Jhoana Marcadejas 2075 Points

Awesome resource! Thanks for sharing!

Tammy Perez Tammy Perez 2195 Points

What a great resource! I can see using this in the classroom with my first graders. Thank you for sharing!

Jana Reyes Jana Reyes 2520 Points

Wow these are awesome!! I will definitely use these videos in my future classroom. Thanks you!!!!

Tegan Collier Tegan Collier 5475 Points

Awesome videos! Thanks for sharing.

Samantha Coyle Samantha Coyle 2245 Points

This a great resource! Thank you so much for sharing it! Songs are an easy way to engage the students while helping them learn information (even though they do not realize it)! I can see this being used a lot in my future classroom as we focus on different animals and insects. For my target age range (K & below) the videos are a little bit too long, but the songs are just about the right amount of time! (:

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