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Yazmin Perez Yazmin Perez 200 Points

I am currently a student and future teacher, we all know these have been trying times due to the global pandemic that we have all faced. Being a student hasn't become any easier during this time, so I know it must be difficult to keep students engaged and most of all motivated, What are some ways that learning Science through a screen or at a distance can be just as fun, engaging and motivating as it can be? 

Elizabeth Inselmann Elizabeth Inselmann 1310 Points

Hi Yazmin, 

   I am a preservice teacher also I think that one thing that is important is to be interested and present as a teacher. Then have students do things do not just lecture at them. This could be any way maybe send students an easy safe lab and do it via zoom together or do an interactive game together. Hopefully, this was helpful.

All the best, 

   Lizzy Inselmann Wartburg class of 2023 

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