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Lydia Hobby Lydia Hobby 631 Points

Hello! My name is Lydia Hobby, and I am a preservice teacher at Wartburg College. In many of my classes we have discussed using different types/forms of assessment. This may be a very basic question, but I am curious to hear what others have preferences on. What types of assessment have you discovered work most effectively with your students when teaching STEAM? Do you adjust these assessments frequently or try to keep them similiar each year? I would appreciate any information, tips, etc. you have to offer as I am just beginning my teaching career!

Latayvia Green Latayvia Green 545 Points

Hi, Lydia, my name is Latayvia Green, and I'm a graduate student completing my residency at a local middle school in my hometown. We're four days into our first week of school. I observe my mentor as she conducts formative, informal and summative assessments. I think summative assessments can be practical when teaching STEAM. In a recent article I read for my coursework, "Turning Tests Into Tasks," inquiry-based science instruction promotes student learning (Manley 2008). I also read that not all questions are created equal, so choosing a query describing the activity or an investigation setup could adapt to the classroom setting. I haven't had the opportunity to conduct an assessment of my own. However, I think if you try both, keeping the questions the same, then evaluating the student's progress, changing the questions based on the rigor and content, and comparing the two would give you a better idea of what assessment works best for you and your students. I hope this helps. Congratulations on your teaching career; I wish you much success!

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