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Lauryn Marquez Lauryn Marquez 250 Points

How to keep the students engaged and excited to learn new things about science? 

Matt Bobrowsky Matt Bobrowsky 6410 Points

Have you looked at the Phenomenon-Based Learning (PBL) activities in NSTA's 'Gadgets and Gizmos' books? Here is a link to the elementary version:
PBL is a great way to get kids engaged and excited about science.

Evelyn Robles Evelyn Robles 900 Points

Fun colorful activities will always catch the student's eye, especially if you give them something they can be creative with like crafts, coloring and drawing. Activities that they may enjoy learning need to connect with some of their interests like dinosaurs or crystals. That can branch out to activities for your science lesson about the earth and its minerals.

Valeria Grimaldo Valeria Grimaldo 510 Points

Theirs, not one specific method that is applied inside the classroom, that assures every student is going to be engaged and excited to learn science. However, integrating activities base on different learning styles is adequate for an enthusiastic and engageable environment. If teachers applied the strategy it would definitely motivate student's interest in wanting to learn more.

Monica Perez Monica Perez 570 Points

Hi there Lauryn! Keep the students engaged is very importnant in the clasroom. This can be done by doing several hands on activites, allowing for a smooth transition from one lesson objective to the next. Always keep the students on their feet by asking questions and allowing them to 'teach the class'. 

Jessica Patino Jessica Patino 580 Points

I think the best way to keep students engaged in any subject is to give them hands-on experiences! Don't just talk about how a leaf should look, take your students outside and have them collect leaves and draw them on paper and have them describe it. Any lesson that you can have kids moving and excited, try it! 

 Brittany Culp 120 Points

Try to find things that the students find interesting and then try to create a lesson plan that makes it fun for them but also teaches them at the same time.

Graceland Greener Graceland Greener 2100 Points

Students are typically curious about the topics that are chosen, to keep them engaged, teachers should use visually appealing instruction and make slides (if you choose google slides) make it interactive using something like pear deck or nearpod. But, teachers could also use instruction like setting up a quick game about a topic by using sticky notes and putting them around the classroom so students can investigate and learn more about this topic!

Shayla Ball Shayla Ball 650 Points

I honestly feel like you should offer multiple hands-on activites for students to work on. Can set up different stations (depending on topic) that way they can rotate and maybe integrate some other subjects too. That way they are moving around and able to interact with each other.

Natalie Medrano Natalie Medrano 475 Points

A few ways that you can engage the students would be by applying the activities to real-life, allow the students to have choices, and maybe by making them feel like real life scientists. 


Kristy Valdez Kristy Valdez 645 Points

A way to keep students engaged and excited to learn science would be to show them the fun activities that there are out there to learn and do individually or with friends. Elementary Science has always been something fun to learn especially when there are science experiements that can be done to show you the ways of science. Sometimes it is good to get to know the students so you know what the students are interested in, and how you could use what they like to make into a teaching lesson. 

Kelcie Hale Kelcie Hale 230 Points

This is a great way to keep students engaged. Science is an exciting topic and showing the kids how exciting it is especially with activities. Awesome idea!

Aaliyah Cantu Aaliyah Cantu 350 Points

Hi Lauryn! I think there are many ways to keep the students engaged in the classroom! One can be doing a lot of different learning styles. Incorporate a lot of diversity and inclusive learning methods to shake things up and get everyone involved. Also, provide incentives to help motivate the student!

Try to tap into their interests.  What gets them excited?  Do they wonder about things in the world around them? Try creating a Wonderwall - students can post wonderings and questions.  Then you can prepare to dive into a Wonder as a class.  What would you need to know, do, ask, try?  Where can we find answers?  Answers will often lead to more questions, so get ready for the Wall to grow!

Be sure to check out Science and Children for ideas to motivate all students.  

Alicia Koszyk Alicia Koszyk 600 Points


One way to keep students engaged in science are having them do a science fair, even if it's just for the classroom and not the whole school. One website that students can use is Science Buddies, which has so many science experiments to choose from!

Katie Weldy Katie Weldy 160 Points


One way for students to be engaged is by having the students participate in hands on activites or even going outside to learn about science. Science is all around us, so taking the studnets on a little 'field trip' around the school and doing a lesson on some topic that deals with out doors will be very engaging for them!

Brenna Egendoerfer Brenna Egendoerfer 410 Points

Hands on activities are always a great option. They will want to listen and learn new information. Taking the  students out of their element in the classroom and incorporating nature outside is something that the student will really enjoy!

Bailey Dant Bailey Dant 435 Points

I believe that hands on learning is really the key for keeping students engaged.

I also believe that with science, or any subject really, choice is limited anymore. Children LOVE choices. If you can find simple ways in the classroom that provide choices, students will stay interested and focused. 

Jennifer Hamm Jennifer Hamm 730 Points

One thing I have noticed in doing my field placements is that the students get really excited about doing hands on experimenting. One activity we did in particular was on circuits. The students were given a battery, a wire, and a lightbulb and told to figure out how to make the lightbulb light up. Every single student in the class was engaged and trying as hard as they could to get their lightbulb to light up. When they got it to work, they were so excited to realize that they had figured it out. When the teacher led them in a dicussion on how they got their lightbulbs to light up, they were eager to participate and figure out what they had done to make it work. As a future teacher, I would love to see more hands on activities included in science classes because you can see the learning going on when they are trying to figure it out themselves. 

Shelby Pettigrew Shelby Pettigrew 1260 Points

Ask them what they want to learn about, and go from there. As for engagement, have you tried using PearDeck on google slides, or something like it? It's an app where you can ask questions in the slides and get feedback instantly. I like it because there are so many different options for questions like multiple choice, short answer, drawing things like diagrams, etc. The slides can either go at the pace of the student or altogether on everyone's screens. It's super neat and you know they're paying attention, because they'll be answering the questions.

Dana Cardona Dana Cardona 1265 Points

One good way to keep students engaged and excited to learn about new science things is to make it a habit to ask more questions. To get students to think like scientists, you have to treat them like scientists! Asking questions that ultimately drive student inquiry can provoke prior knowledge and make students want to be more involved in things such as making observations and making predictions. Last but not least, make sure to show students the fun side of science experimentation to keep them interested. Science experiments don't always have to be done in a uniform fashion, make it fun and unique!

Paige Neff Paige Neff 730 Points

I think making sure you have hands-on activities for the students will keep them engaged. Science can almost always be taught with a fun activity. So I think making it fun and being hands-on will keep science exciting.

Tony Valdez Tony Valdez 220 Points

I think that you should connect the topic to something that the students would be interested in. It would make the lesson fascinating and keep the lesson exciting with the inclusion of some hands-on , interactive activities so that the students can express their excitement for the topic.

Taryn Turner Taryn Turner 1735 Points

I always love to introduce simulations online or fun science games that they can mess with and explore. 

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