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New professional learning opportunity in Education for Sustainability

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Alissa Fasman Alissa Fasman 30 Points

The Children's Environmental Literacy Foundation is bringing its longstanding Summer Institute to NYC and Los Angeles this year. The CELF Summer Institute provides curriculum design support for K-12 teachers to integrate sustainability into existing curricula aligned with NGSS standards. This year's theme is Incorporating Inquiry, Place and Action for Sustainable Schools.

Featured sessions will include:

GeoInquiry: training in National Geographic's process of using a geographic lens to analyze space, place and interconnections between humans and the natural world

Citizen Science: Incorporate place- and project-based learning to leverage expertise in your school community and develop student advocacy.

Ecological Literacy:  Connect sustainability concepts and United Nations Global Goals to NGSS and STEM learning.  

Whole Systems Change: Engage in activities that model systemic change for sustainability.

For more information about the Institutes, check out the NYC flyer or the LA flyer, or visit our website

Los Angeles: June 24-27, 2019 in partnership with Cal State - Long Beach - Units of credit and grad credits available.

Westchester, NY: July 15-18, 2019 in partnership with Manhattanville College - CTLE and grad credits available.

NY, NY: July 29-31, 2019 in partnership with with NYU - CTLE and grad credits available.



Emily Faulconer Emily Faulconer 5215 Points

What great topics to cover! I love citizen science. When I taught face-to-face, I used a semester-long service-learning project that often involved citizen science, though student teams picked their own projects. I have not found the right way to do this at scale in my new format of teaching introductory sciences online. I do offer an upper-level independent study that focuses on service-learning, but I do miss this aspect of my introductory environmental science course. 

I would love to hear feedback in this forum from attendees! 

Lorraine Bio Lorraine Bio 800 Points

Thanks for sharing.

Ryan McQuade Ryan McQuade 255 Points

Thanks for posting this program, as a future educator in Arkansas, programs and curriculums like this are not very common. What I love is the incorporation of more classic science and stem PBL, with other topics such as ecological literacy, geoinquiry, and citizen science. I feel that these topics appropriately discuss environmental issues, while through an avenue that is the most engaging and least restrictive environment for students. with project-based learning involved in very scientific subjects such as geoinquiry, it seems like students will more easily relate to their individual lives, instead of them simply completing a project for a grade. With this said, as a future teacher in Arkansas, how would you incorporate topics such as these whenever standards or programs that encourage these topics are not present? How long should we spend time on environmental literacy? Should it be a quick week of learning, or should/can it be more regularly incorporated into our lesson planning?

Thanks so much.

Sheena Juliano Sheena Juliano 710 Points

Wow, thanks for sharing! It looks like such a cool opportunity, and it's so tempting because Hawai'i to LA is only a 5-hour flight away! Wish it was more accessible to teachers like myself. What's really standing out to me is the Citizen Science sessions! It's always cool to learn and gain knowledge that we can push out into our own communities!

Jennifer Hicks Jennifer Hicks 660 Points

I really like the ideas this professional learning opportunity has.  I especially like the  idea of place based learning projects.  Making a project specific to where a student lives, helps the student see the need for sustainability.   Creating models and deeper inquiry into content or issues and working through real world issues is  a great way to have students collaborate.  I just wish that this summer institue was closer to somewhere in the south - Texas is more than a day  drive away from Georgia.

Mason Gotto Mason Gotto 2640 Points

Wow, thanks for sharing! These professional learning opportunitites will help us grow as teachers which creates a model for our students to be evolving learners. 

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