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Enriching my students science learning

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Melissa Hersted Melissa Hersted 950 Points

I am a third grade teacher looking to refresh my lessons. I would love to hear from anyone who has resources, ideas, and lessons so that I can update what I have been doing over the last 12 years. I cover the following topics in the school year: ecosystems and animal adaptations, sun, moon, and earth, chemistry, and sound.

Kathy Renfrew Kathleen Renfrew 37148 Points


Have you looked at the Next Generation Science Standards? That would be a great place to begin. NSTA has an awesome site which lays out the standards in an understandable way for elementary teachers. NGSS@NSTAOnce here , click on The Standards and you will see the standards arranged by topic.

So when I look at the 3rd grade standards, I see Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems. Yea! There is a match.

So, now I am wondering what your unit looks like? Are your students doing any of the components the standard is expecting: construct an argument, analyze and interpret data...?

One thought might be to include teaching students how build an explanation that could be used in constructing an argument on the groups animals form to survive.


Betty Paulsell Betty Paulsell 48560 Points

Wow, you have come to the right sources to find hundreds of ideas. Just put any of your topics in the Advanced Search for the Learning Center to find LOTS of ideas. The Children and Science journal by NSTA is the elementary journal.

Kristen Kangas Kristen Kangas 140 Points

I'm studying boreal forest animal and plant adaptations. I'm having students split into groups of 3 to read non-fiction books on plants and animals of the taiga/boreal forest. They will write on post-its in their own words what they found interesting, questions, and connections. They can include drawings or diagrams, too. We're going to write a boreal forest parody to "Eye of the Tiger" called "Bio of the Taiga." I'm giving them a breakdown of the stanza syllables (4,4,7,5,9,4,5,8,10,9). The first verse will be animal adaptations found in the taiga the second stanza will be plan adaptations. I will show them examples of using the same tune with different lyrics. I will then model writing the refrain in front of the class. Using syllables to determine how I present what I know about the boreal forest. Then I will give them time to collaborate and write their song. It incorporates ELA, too.

Carolyn Mohr Carolyn Mohr 92246 Points

Kristen, How cool is that! I hope you will make a YouTube video of it and share! Such a cute idea, and I love that you are incorporating the CC standards into the assignment. A lot of engaging, active learning is going on in your classroom! Tell us what grade you teach. I checked your profile and it had not been updated yet. Thanks for sharing, Carolyn

C C Carolyne Cohen 460 Points

This resource collection has a lot of great resources for the Sun, Earth, and Moon in Elementary Science. There are lessons, misconceptions, and lots of information on the topic. Take a look!

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