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How do you keep the students engaged in Science?

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Lindsey Franco Lindsey Franco 275 Points

Is there a recommended form of activities that teachers should focus more on in order to ensure that their students want to continue learning about the subject throughout the year as well as their academic career? 

Alyssa Soto Alyssa Soto 255 Points

Hi Lindsey,

I feel that the choice of your activities is going to be based on your classroom makeup. This would include students' interests, strengths, likes, and dislikes. Taking these qualities into consideration for your activities could greatly enhance the overall experience that your students will have in the classroom, especially when attempting to get them to fall in love with the subject. If you see that your class responds well to interactive videos or hands-on activities, try to utilize those qualities to keep them engaged. I know I loved elementary science because the activities and experiments were hands-on and visual, allowing me to enjoy the content and want to continue learning. When it came to high school, I felt that lengthy readings and lab reports stripped that excitement of the topic, even when I really wanted to be engaged. Always remember that each student has different needs and attributes that they bring to the table, so try and find what works best in your classroom that year and go with that. 

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