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A useful website from the Life Science forum

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Cris DeWolf Cris DeWolf 11965 Points

This was shared in life science: The website that I have attached is an amazing website for inquiry based lessons. My professor showed me this website and it truly helped me when writing inquiry based lesson plans. You can find inquiry based K-5 lessons and find lessons under the categories of physical science, life science, and earth and space. I really recommend this website! May serve as a useful model for transitioning your lessons.

Elizabeth Cooke Elizabeth Cooke 7245 Points

Hello Chris, This is just what I need. My school is starting with the the Life Sciences FOSS module first. This will help me with lessons to supplement FOSS. If you know of any other websites feel free to share. - Elizabeth Cooke

Sandy Gady Sandy Gady 43175 Points

Thanks for sharing this Cris. I wish there was a middle school option.

Pamela Auburn Pamela Auburn 68625 Points

Cris OER Commons is incredible useful! I am glad that you found this.

Cynthia Rasquinha Cynthia Rasquinha 1090 Points

Chris Thank you for the link. It's a great resource.

Steve Kirsche Stephen Kirsche 9145 Points

Thanks for sharing. Many of the resources can be used for other grade levels without too much work.

Reiannon Metz Reiannon Metz 230 Points

This site provides clear ELA and NGSS alignment and support, providing student essays and rubrics (W), vocabulary cards and graphic organizers (RI), and question cards to answer in written form (W), or verbal classroom discussion forums (SL). Excellent resource...thanks for sharing. :)

Lucerito Gutierrez Lucerito Gutierrez 2445 Points

Thank you for sharing. This website is great.

Gabrielle Gutierrez Gabrielle Gutierrez 4035 Points

Thank you for sharing this site! I believe my professor has also showed me this site but i never saved the URL. My favorite part about this website is that it already puts the lesson into a 5 E lesson plan. It also includes a teacher background section and lesson outline section. This is a great resource for a teacher who wants to do inquiry lesson plans but is pressed for time when planning. I definitely will write this down to use in the future!

Christine Bedwell Christine Bedwell 1605 Points

Thanks for sharing. Has some wonderful lessons.

Kayla Dornbusch Kayla Dornbusch 1565 Points

This website is just what I needed! I love how it has lessons for every grade even kinder which I feel gets a little left out on most websites. I love that is breaks down each section of the lesson as well as the materials needed and an outline of the entire lesson as a whole.

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